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How to Make Money With Music Blog – Music Blogging?

There are millions of musicians in this world who are never able to make it to limelight or realize their dreams. But music blogging has changed that forever. If you have a talent in music, you can reach out to the world by starting a music blog. You can go a step further and even make money with music blog. You may use your blog for any purpose – promoting music, reviewing artists, promoting upcoming artists, featuring local talent, selling your own music, teaching music lessons and doing much more.

So make money from music blog? Here are some of the monetization strategies you can use.

Make Money with Music Blog tips and ideas

Make Money from Music Blog or website

Make Money from Music Blog or website

Affiliate programs

You can sign up for the iTunes affiliate program and get paid whenever someone downloads the promoted digital tracks. You can include links for downloading music featured by you. You will be generating commission for all the sales driven through your affiliate code. There are many music sites that sell not only music but also music gear. Sell their songs and music gear to earn high commissions.

Teach Music

If you are a talented musician, you can also make money from music blog by teaching others. It doesn’t just have to be violin lessons. You can teach anything:

  • Jazz singing
  • Rock songwriting
  • Recording hip hop beats
  • Any new musical skill for the young

While you can promote and sell your teaching services over your blog, Google Hangouts or Skype can work as the medium. Even accomplished musicians teach instruments, not only to generate revenues but also because they are passionate about it. This can not only help add to your income, it will also allow you to improve your skills.

It is not just your blog that can be used to promote your services. You can also promote using other sites including social networks. While your blog posts and services can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you may also post free ads on Craigslist. Software like Skype can allow you to teach one or more students at the same time.

Create & Sell New Music

This is nothing less than an investment in your career. It is one of the best things you can do to start a music blog and make money out of it. New music can be written for self releasing or to pitch to other artists. If you have a talent in music, a music blog can be the perfect launching pad to reach out. Thanks to the latest technologies, you can sell your music in so many ways:

  • Sell Music CDs: You can start a music blog to sell your music CDs. Once your blog has built your authority as a musician, it will become easier to sell your music.
  • Sell Vinyl Records: There has been a growing trend among music fans to buy vinyl records. You may also sell your live shows or music creations printed on vinyl records. This can help generate additional income.
  • Digital Music: It is even easier to sell digital music through your blog. This can help drive one of the highest amounts of revenues of the different formats. Besides, you may also sell through online retailers. Many digital distributors allow musicians to place their tracks on sale on their stores. They charge a tiny commission for each sale.
  • Music Streaming: There are many streaming services that make music creation more profitable for artists. These services pay you on per-stream basis. The payouts may not be big for each stream, the more music you create, the more you can earn. At the same time, such services also provide you another platform for people to discover your music. Thus, they can also contribute to promoting your music.

Get Sponsored

If you start music blog with a large fan base, you can even get sponsored by brands. Sponsorship can be in different forms. It can be in the form of gear, services, products or money.

It is easy to start your music blog. There are many guides on how to start a music blog. However, the difficult part is building your follower or fan base. If you want to succeed with monetizing your music blog, it is important to build a large base of followers. The more targeted traffic you can generate, the more will be the potential income that you can expect to generate. Creativity is another important strategy to build a successful music blog. If you are creative, you can monetize your blog in so many more ways.

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