How to Start a Blog in 5 easy Steps

Easy Guide on How to  Start a blog in 20 mins.

Having yourself online or your business is one of the stepping stone for your success. And believe me, its really very simple to have online presence with your own website or blog. It hardly take 20-30 mins to step up your own blog running, you simply have to follow our steps by step guide for starting a blog or 20 mins free step by step guide provided below for starting a blog. And even if you get stuck somewhere and still thinking how do i start a blog than please send me an email and i will personally help you out in setting up your blog for free.

how to start a blog easily guide

With our guide, I am 100% sure to help you avoid the expensive mistake which normally people do while starting a blog or website at initial stages.

This article is going to be very interesting and help you learn the process which takes nearly 20-30 mins to learn how to start a blog, so i would suggest to grab a cup of Coffee, Tea or juice and make yourself comfortable and free from other distraction for next few mins.

Before we jump to the step 1 of this how to make a blog guide, lets see some of the advantages of starting a personal blog or making a personal website which has helped millions of bloggers out there.

Advantages of Starting a Blog or Personal website

  • Blogging has become one of the best way to communicate or share your information or ideas with the world. You can write about topics you love and let others know about this useful information from you.
  • Blogging is a fun, its like connecting with the online community where you can help others with your knowledge. When your information is useful to someone, its give so much of satisfaction.
  • Recognition: With your blogs and article, you are providing valuable information to others, this makes you famous and recognized for your specific topics. While your blog grows further, you can see how useful it can be.
  • Make Money with blogs: This is the most useful feature for blogs. This is the main reason for most of the bloggers to enter this online blogging world. Your knowledge and information can give you very good income if you share that with the world. Online blogging is the only platform where you can reach maximum people and share your views and ideas and make good income of it.
  • Improves Knowledge base: When you blog, you learn so many things happening about the world, this come from learning and writing about certain topics. So if you are good at one topic, you will become master of that topic once you start a blog and start learning and writing about the same.

Apart from the above benefits and advantage of starting a blog, I am sure you already know most of them and that is the reason why you want to start blogging.

Step 1 – Getting Started and Choosing the Best Blogging Platform

Before we proceed with our steps and start blogging, we must understand little bit about the blogging platforms because most of the time people are confuse when thinking how do i start a blog. There are mainly two types of blog network;

  • Free Blogging Sites: These are the blogging platforms provide by google, tumblr, freeblogs and others… These blogs are hosted on their own servers you are allowed to create a blog on their server. For example, if i was to start a blog about latest fashions than website would look like  However you can have your website hosted on these free blog networks but there are certain things due to which i never recommend start your blog with free blogging sites.
  • Self Hosted Blogs: These are the blogs where you have full control upon your website, domain selection, themes and contents. Today there are more than 72 Mil blogs running on wordpress blogging platform. So from this we can understand that wordpress is one of the most widely used blogging system due to its best user interface and easy of working. I have nearly 18 websites working on wordpress only, including this own website as well. The other advantages of using wordpress blogging as below
    1. The wordpress blogging platform is free for everyone.
    2. It is super easy to install, configure and customize as per your requirement.
    3. Highly secure due to the continue upgrade in their application which makes it much safer to work upon with all your privacy.
    4. Tons of widgets, Themes and Plugin makes it most wonderful blogging system.

So its highly recommend to go with wordpress blogging platform if you really wish to make your blogging easy and successful. Here you don’t need to download wordpress or any supporting stuff, we will guide in the next steps how to set up your wordpress in detail.

Major Problem when starting with free blog platforms

Its very simple, we decided to start a blog with some plans for success. This would be successful if you have a really good website with good domain name, theme, content, good up-time and features. So this simply means we must self host our wordpress blogs which is in our full control.

As you can see, every blog or websites which you like to read or follow is self hosted one. They have their own domain name with good features, plugin, widgets, themes and contents.

  • Free blogs are not really ‘free’: When we come across the terminology about free blogs, they are free to limited extent. These free blogs are in the market so that people can start their blogs and contents and when they want to take it further for bigger plan than they have to go for premium plans which becomes quite costlier later. And also not easy to move from their platform to other. Its just wastage of time.
  • Cannot have own domain name or url: Its not possible to have own domain name or website name. You will have to choose a very long domain name like Its don’t so nice and visitors will also find it very difficult to return back to your site.
  • Cannot Advertise on Ad space: This is the most problematic thing with free blogs. The Ad on the blog will be used by the free blog site to monetize their system. This is the main reason why they allow for free blog creation so that they have good contents from you which can drive traffic and help them make money from the ad space on that website pages.
  • Website can be removed any time: This is yet another issue which is there with the free blogs. If they don’t find your blog useful or in line with their policy, your blog will be gone permanently.

Now point is if you still thinking how to start a blog for free, its simply like I don’t care for any of the above point and not concern about the success of the blog, you can definitely start your blog with the free blog websites. Free blogs are really nice if you just want to experiment something or just play a little bit with blogging.

Once you have decided to start your blog with wordpress and self hosted one, its time to find the best domain name for your blog and best hosting for blogs. So lets check how we can do that in the best way. The main steps would be as below and take around 15- 20 mins.

  1. Choose the blog name and hosting (5 mins)
  2. Install the blog ( one click auto install feature makes it super simple in 2 mins)
  3. Set up the blog theme and layout ( 5 – 10 mins)
  4. Start with first blog posting

Step 2 – Choosing Domain Name and Blog Hosting server

Lets start with finding the blog name for your site and the best hosting server to start a blog. Here i am going to walk you through this process for finding the Domain name and hosting server. If you get stuck at any point, do not forget to contact me for the help.

Find Domain Name

The domain name means the url of the blog which people will type in the web browser to find your website. For this website the domain name is Similarly for facebook their domain name is So when finding your domain name just make sure its easy to remember and not too long.

The basis for blog name selection which i follow is, i use the topic of the blog as the domain name. You can try with some combinations and see which one is available for you. For example, while starting blogging on this site, i search for but it was already taken. So i just added 123 at the end of the domain name since i know i can make this blog popular with this domain name and also its easier to remember. Similarly if you have some name in your mind and that domain is already taken, just try to add some letter like ‘a’, ‘the’ ,’best’ or any number like 1,2.. which ever you find most suitable to that topic. This way you can choose the domain name. This name would be useful when you are proceeding with your blog  hosting booking in next step.

Blog Hosting or Web Hosting

Web Hosting server is a place where the web content and website data will be stored and made available when someone tried to access the website. So its like domain name serves as the address and hosting acts as the home which helps in storing all your website blogs, images, videos and many other stuff which you will be posting on the blog. Just domain name will not work if you don’t have the web hosting.

A regular or normal web hosting plan cost you around 3$-8$ monthly, This is much lower than a buying a burger or pizza which i think would be surely affordable.

There are some points which we must consider while choosing the blog hosting website. Lets us check some of these important points which will help in the success of our blog.

  • Page Loading Time: This is very important when choosing the web hosting server. If the page loading time is more, the website visitors will be frustrated and may leave the website without even checking your website.
  • Website up-time: This is very much important, there are 100s of hosting companies offering hosting but all cannot guarantee you for 100% up-time.
  • 24×7 Customer support: This is yet another important aspect of web hosting. If you have any issue with your web hosting, you must have round the clock customer support for help to resolve your issues.

I have being working on web from nearly 9 years now and the most recommended web hosting which i found is Bluehost. I have my own website hosted at bluehost servers and recommend based on my experience with them. Some of the best features which i like from them are;

  • 1-Click Install wordpress feature: There is option for 1 click install of wordpress blog on your website. This makes the installation and setup part so simply that you don’t need to do anything apart from the single click.
  • Free domain name: With Bluehost hosting plan, we get free domain name which normally cost 12$-15$(Here its free with host booking)
  • Officially recommend host from wordpress: Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress from 2005 and has nearly 2 Mil websites hosted at Bluehost and growing.
  • Awesome features and Tools: In the bluehost control panel, you will get tons of tools and application required for setting up your blog or website which is really useful when your website grows further.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Your money will be refunded if you are not satisfied with the service for any reason.
  • 24×7 support via phone, chat or email: You get round the clock customer support via phone, email and chat if you have any issues with your website or blog.

Being one of the best hosting company, still they offer the hosting plan at a very affordable price of 5.99$ per month if you buy 1 year plan. But you can get much better discount for basic plan and buy at 3.95$/month if you buy for 36 months altogether. This price includes the free domain name available with the hosting.

Click here to visit Bluehost official website


Bluehost has being the best ever hosting company i have used in last 9 years and all its features are tried and tested by self for maximum results. However it depends on you if you can find much better hosting which is reliable, fast and offers better bandwidth since you need to go long with your blog website for success and making good money online.

Step 3 – Setup the Blog on the Domain name

Now its time to set up your blog and hosting. Here i would like to walk you through each and every steps so that everything is setup correctly and with the best plan. Here i will guide you with booking the free domain name and buying you hosting and installing the wordpress application. At the end of this step, you will have fully functional wordpress blog running on your domain name.

  1. Once you click on the above link for Bluehost, you will be landed on the below show page. This page is used for getting started with domain name and hosting plan purchase.

how to start a blog with one click wordpress install

2. Once you reach this page, please click on get started now(green) button show on the screen. When you click on that page, you will land on the plan selection scree as shown below. Here you have to choose the best plan suitable for your blog. For new bloggers i always recommend going for the basic plan. Please click on “Select” button in basic plan.

how to start a blog - start a blog plan selection image

3. After selecting the plan, you will be moved to the page for domain registration. On this page you have to provide your new domain name in the left side box. In case if you have already registered domain at some other domain registrar just add the domain name in the right side box.

How to start a blog domain-registration page

4. Once you have provided your domain name, the system will check if your domain name is available or not. In case if it is not available, the system will show you other similar domain available for booking. If it is already available, just select the domain name and proceed further.

howtostartablog_best hosting plan selection

5. In the above sign up page, you can see the domain name is available we have the further details to be provided for purchase and billing purpose. You can fill all the relevant details as suitable to you. Make sure you provide the correct residential address.

6. For package information in below image, i always prefer to book for 36 months since it becomes more discounted. But you can sure book for 12 or 24 months plan as suitable to you. For rest of the options, you can un-check the boxes. You can buy them at later stages if required, for beginner they are normally not so useful.

If you find these steps complicated or confusing, contact me for free set up and installation support

how to start a blog - Package information for hosting

7. Once you are completed with the registration and purchasing process. You can visit the home page and select the login option from top header. Normally within mins. you hosting account gets activated. You can use your domain name or email id and password that you used during the registration process.

how to start a blog login page

8. Now you have logged in to your hosting account and the below screen will be shown on your page. Since you account is ready and running now, we can start with the wordpress installation process. As i said you before, we have 1-click install feature for wordpress in Bluehost, you just have to click on the below button for ” Install wordpress”. You will be redirected to the wordpress installation page as shown below.

wordpress-install-Bluehost- starting a blog

9. Click on the install button and the installation will start for the wordpress. Before the installation completes, it will ask for the domain name where you wish to install the wordpress. So here you will select the domain name which we purchase in above steps.

10. During installation process, you can select to provide custom password as well. Even if you do not provide, it will generate one for you and send it to your registered email id. Once the installation is complete, you will be get notification message showing the completion of the installation and login details for your wordpress account, login password, home page url and admin panel url will be send in an email to you.

So these are the step by step guide for starting a blog with domain name and hosting purchase and wordpress installation. We have the ready and running wordpress site now. You can login to your wordpress site at the below link. If your website name is “ than the below urls will work for you. You can also find these login credential from the email which you received from bluehost after successful installation of wordpress.

wordpress-login_how to start a blog easily_how to start blogging

Admin url:

Login id: normally this is your email if, unless you choose something else during registration process.

Password: As set by you during the registration page


If you find the above steps complicated or confusing, contact me for free set up and installation for you

Step 4 – Configure the Blog Design – Theme & Plugins (Most exciting step)

Now you are ready with your wordpress blog, hosting and installation, its time work out the design of the blog with best theme as suitable to your niche. The wordpress themes are very useful part of the wordpress blogs. You can find plenty of free themes for your blog. We just need to find the one which best suits with the niche or category of blog we willing to create.

WordPress Theme setup

As I said there are plenty of themes available for the wordpress blogs. You just need to search for the best one which suits your niche. Once you have logged in to your wordpress admin panel through the above link (, you can see the dashboard menu on your left side bar as shown in the below image. Dashboard_how to start a blog

The above image show the main page for admin panel from where you can control all the function of your blog.  So lets move to the theme setting feature.

  1. On the left side bar, you can find the option for Appearance -> Themes. Click on themes and let the page to open.
  2. When you are on the theme page, you will find some of the pre-installed themes already there on this page. As you can see in the below image, at the moment my own website is using the “Ribbon” theme. But you can use any of the pre installed themes if you like. If you wish to change the theme, you need to click on the “Add New” button shown on the top next to themes option.

Themes for wordpress_how to start a blog in easy steps

3. Once you clicked on the “Add New”, Button you will be redirected to the other themes available for wordpress for free, as shown in the below image. Here i would recommend you to test some of the themes as suitable to your niche. If you need any help for theme setting, you can contact me with your website url and login details.

Themes change for wordpress_how to start a blog in easy steps

4. Once you have selected the best theme for your site, you can preview how it looks for your website in real when users will visit your website. Once you have selected the theme, you can activate it so that its set on your blog and can be seen on the real website. Further you can preview and customize the layout as suitable to you. The customizing and preview is kind of fun and you can work on it for a bit till you are satisfied with your website theme and layout.

WordPress Plugins – Installing the software modules

Plugins are like software module which we add on the wordpress blog to make it more interesting with various features and applications. There are some of the plugin which are i feel should be there on almost all the blogs. So lets see some of the most important ones that you must surely install.

  • WordPress plugin for Contact Form (This website uses Contact Form 7)
  • Getting rid of unnecessary blog comments by visitors. (Here we am using Akismet)
  • Making SEO friendly blog site ( This is very much important, here we using Yoast SEO)
  • Adding subscribe Window or option
  • Social Share plugin
  • Adding Photo Gallery or photo album

There are many more, you can check as per your website requirement and add at later stages. So lets check how we add these plugins to our blog.

  1. On the left side bar, You can find the option for Plugins. Click on the Plugins, and you will be redirected to the plugin page as show below.

Plugins_how to start blogging for money

2. Once you are on the Plugin page, click on Add New button and you will be redirected to the bunch of plugins available for free for wordpress. Here  you have select the plugin which you need to add to this blog. Once you have selected the plugin, just click on install plugin tab and wait for the next page to open. You will get a new page for successful installation of the plugin. Once the plugin is installed, just activate the plugin by clicking on the activate tab. So this you can add as many plugins you need for your website.

Note: Make sure you are not flooding the website with too many plugins, since these are just software modules and it only adds to your page loading time. Also before you install the plugins, just try to read the review about those plugins if they are really useful and have positive reviews. Some are not so useful and only harm the website and its security.

Step 5 – Starting your Blog Post or Articles

If you have completed all the above 4 steps, now you definitely have a fully running blog, i feel really happy for your successful blog and your effort for getting it running .

Now its time for some writing and posting on your blog. As we all know, blogging is mainly about writing and sharing your knowledge in the best way. So knowledge you already have, we just have to learn how to share it in best effective way. Here I will be sharing some of the best tips for writing great blogs that bring you huge traffic and success.

Adding Blog Post

  1. On the left side bar, you have the options for “Posts”. Just click the on it. You will be redirected to a new page where you can see all your existing post and also option for adding new post.

write-a-post_ how to start blogging easily

2. Once you are on this page, click on “Add New” button on the top. A new page will open as shown in the below image. This is the page where you can start with your blog article. I have written the title as ‘ Welcome to my first post on this site’ . This is where you blog title will be coming. The content will be written in the big space provide in the center.

writing a blog post

3. Once you have completed writing your article, you can click on the “Preview” button the right side bar and see how exactly this post will be after publishing. Once you are happy with the content and layout, you can publish the article. If you still wish to make some changes after publish, you can sure do it to make the article more interesting and also up to date.

4. If you wish to add some images to the post, you can use the “Add Media” button provide at the top of the post content. When you click on the Add media, you will be asked to upload the image from your computer or use it from the existing media library as shown in the below image.

5. While writing the article or the content there are some basic rules which if followed can fetch you good traffic. You can refer the to the Onpage SEO tips for getting traffic.

Adding images to blog post_how to start a blog

5. Once you have uploaded the image, you can click on the image and insert it into the blog post. You can also readjust the size and location of the image by clicking on the image properties. You can set it align left, align center or align right.

Once you have completed with writing your blog post and also added the images, you can publish the blog post to make it live.

There is a possibility that even after publishing your blog post, you may see a page for “coming soon” on your blog url. So you just have to visit the link shown on the top of your dashboard and click to deactivate it. You can refer the below image for the deactivation option.


how to remove coming soon screen from wordpress

Congratulations!!  – Your Blog is Live and Running

Now you have a fully functional, live and running blog with a blog post already there. It is not necessary that all your post are perfect from this stage itself. Normally it takes some time and experience once you start blogging, so no need to worry about the post and articles. Its always better if they are perfect, you can surely revisit already published blog and make them more better at later stages. This is what we all keep doing to make it more attractive and interesting from time to time.

The main steps for starting a blog or how to start a blog is completed with the above steps. But there are many other useful resources and things which if you learn will bring huge success to your blog or website. We always keep learning from the online world and have experience many things and overcome many issues that helped to take our blogs article to huge success and top ranking for traffic. When we have huge traffic, means huge revenue as well. So I am sharing some of my tips that will help you to take your blog to much much higher level. You are always option to contact me or drop an email about your issues and will try to help you out for better results.

You can also drop you comment in the below comment section, but make sure they are more relevant to this topic( starting a blog or how to start a blog) only and adds more value to our topic for  how to start a blog. I am sure to approve it as soon as possible if it really deserves. If it is more of a query, you can send it through the contact form to me.

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