How to Make Money with Google Adsense easily

How to make money with google adsense

If you check online, there are plenty of ways to make money online. Most of them may not work for everyone. But it is for sure, making money online really works if you are consistent and hard working with patience. Once you start exploring, you will find various ways of making money online. Which method is suitable for you or how to start with is the most tricky question. This was same with me around 8 years back when i start searching for similar opportunity. The one that best suited and seemed easiest was make money with Google Adsense.

At the moment(November 2017) we have nearly 18 website running with google adsense that helps us to have good flow income from it apart from the affiliate commission. There are individual websites earning in range of 120$ to 900$ monthly.

make money with google adsense

Make Money with Google Adsense

The most common question that i get from most my website visitors or from my digital marking course trainees are;

What is Google Adsense?

How to start with Google Adsense?

How to become successful with Google adsense?

So today here we are going to see how to make money with google adsense easily in step by step process. Google Adsense is the Ad service provided by Google for webmasters or website owners, the GOOGLE ADSENE Publisher program.

Google is one of the biggest ad network in the world and operates through google adwords. There are many website owners, businesses who wish to get more visitors on their website to sell, promote or gain more customers. Google adwords is the platform that allows the business to advertise through google. Now in order to show these ads to the world, google uses google search engine and other’s website to display these ads.

For example, If you have a simple website with few good contents on it. Google will review your website and if they like it, you will get a google adsense publisher account. If you have the google adsense publisher, you will be able to display google ads on your website. Once the ads are displayed on the website, there is possibility that visitors will click on the ads. When the click happens, the visitors is routed to the website targeted in the advertisement. Now since this click happened on your website due to which the advertiser got a visitors, google will pay you some income from the advertisement cost.

If the click cost was 1%, you may get around .65$ from that income which is really a pretty good amount. So if you website has good amount of traffic, you can end up earning good amount of income from google adsense on monthly basis. The highest cost per click  that i received till date( in 8 years) is around 17$ which was mainly from dating niche.

So in simple language, google is allowing you to make money with google adsense using your website and traffic.

Note: For Google Adsense you need to have your own website. You can get your own website in simple steps as mentioned here –> How to start a blog

If you want to book your website name and hosting directly, i would recommend going with I am using them from last 8 years with very good support and features.

Once you have your website, if is very easy to implement the adsense in your website. When you login to your adsense account, you will options to generate adsense codes that can be simply copied and pasted to your website. I will try to cover this topic in more details in my next blog article  “How to create adsense account and ad codes”.

While creating the codes you have to just make sure about the sizes of the banners ads and the display type  – images or text. Mostly it is recommended to have both.

Note: Make sure you are not clicking on your own ads else it will lead to adsense account blocking.

How to get approved to make money with Google adsense?

This is yet another important topic if you are planning to start with google adsense. Now a days since the competition has increase to such an extent that google is considering approving the adsense account easily. But still we have to be very sure that our website is fully in line with google adsense guidelines.

In one of my articles, i have mentioned the complete procedure to be follow before applying for google adsense account. This will help you to get approved google adsense account easily. You can check the below article.

Please read here –> Things to follow before applying for Google Adsense

In my previous article about top highest google adsense earners in the world, you can see the potential how much we can make from google adsense if things are planned strategically and in accordance to google guidelines.

I am also conducting training on How to make money from home/ earning money online/ Make money with google adsense with direct guidance(personal mentoring / Chat / Mobile support). I am pretty sure this topic is really interesting and you will like to get more out of it. You can get in touch with me through out contact page. I will try to get you back with my personal contacts in email.  There are many whom we have already helped to make money online from home as part time or full time income.

How To Make Money With Photography Blog Or Website?

How to make money with photography blog

If you are thinking of starting a photography blog for monetization, you are making the right choice. There are almost endless options when it comes to making money from this niche. If you have a passion for photography and have excellent skills, you shouldn’t find it hard to make money from your photography blog or website. When it comes to starting a photography blog, there are two main types of blogs. You can either be a professional photographer or a recreational photographer. In case if you are not sure how to start a photography blog or setup the website, you can check out below article on starting a photography blog site successfully, and make money with photography blog site.

Also Read: How to Start a Photography Blog

Here are some of the most effective methods for monetizing your photography blog or website.

Make Money with Photography blog through Google AdSense

How to make money with photography blog

How to make money with photography blog

Once you have built a list of blog posts and have begun generating some traffic, you should sign up for Google AdSense. The ad network will place ads on your blog which can help you generate income. Every time someone clicks on your ads and it is a qualified click, you will get paid for it.

You can make money with photography blog even if you have small traffic. However, if you want to make decent amount of money, it is important your blog drive larger volume of traffic. It is worth knowing that there are bloggers out there who make five-figure earnings through advertising programs like Google AdSense.

Sell Ad Space to make money with photography site

You can also sell the ad space on your photography blog to generate revenues. There are third-party services that sell your ad space for a tiny commission. Sign up with companies that offer higher earning potential. On the other hand, you may also sell the ad space directly. If you are good at promoting your blog and have the time, you can also market it directly.

Make money by Selling Photos Online

If you can capture high quality photographs and have a vast collection of photos, it is highly likely that people will be ready to buy from you. You can Sell photos online in both digital and print formats. When you already have a photography blog that has a fan following, it becomes easier to sell your photographs. It is also an inexpensive way to set up your online shop.

You could also get the help of a third-party seller and re-direct to them to sell your print photos. While you can focus on driving all the traffic, the third-party service can take care of order processing, printing, and shipping. However, if you have the time and resources you may manage everything on your own.

Provide Teaching Lessons

If you are a good photographer and have the skills and experience behind you, you can make money with photography blog by providing teaching lessons. There are thousands of people out there who are aspiring to learn about photography. You can also find photography students who are pursuing academic courses on the subject. If you have sound technical skills, your blog can turn out to be a medium for you to teach and earn money.

You may also create ebooks on guides and tutorials to sell to learners. You can share your success mantras and key technical skills required to succeed as a photographer.

Affiliate programs

From a commercial perspective, photography is a versatile niche. This allows you to sell a wide range of products and earn commissions. You can sell other’s products for a commission and generate regular source of income if you are driving good amount of traffic. Both online retailers and brands have affiliate programs that you can sign up. The kind of niche-specific products you can sell can range from cameras to photography gear and even advanced smartphones with powerful camera features. Even photo editing software can be promoted to make money with photography blog.

Show Your Best photographs

When promoting your work as a photographer and displaying your portfolio through your blog or website, it is recommended to show your best photos, not all your photos. As a general rule, a photography blog is not a place where you should show each one of your photos. Select the best photos from each session to appeal to your target audience. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience. You want to impress them.

“Quality over quantity” is another key strategy in both photography and photography blogging. If you want to sell your services or photographs, make sure to present your best face. Your potential clients will be checking your photos to determine whether to buy from you or not.

So follow all these tips to start a photography blog and monetize it for a profitable venture.

How to Make Money With Music Blog – Music Blogging?

Make Money from Music Blog or website

There are millions of musicians in this world who are never able to make it to limelight or realize their dreams. But music blogging has changed that forever. If you have a talent in music, you can reach out to the world by starting a music blog. You can go a step further and even make money with music blog. You may use your blog for any purpose – promoting music, reviewing artists, promoting upcoming artists, featuring local talent, selling your own music, teaching music lessons and doing much more.

So make money from music blog? Here are some of the monetization strategies you can use.

Make Money with Music Blog tips and ideas

Make Money from Music Blog or website

Make Money from Music Blog or website

Affiliate programs

You can sign up for the iTunes affiliate program and get paid whenever someone downloads the promoted digital tracks. You can include links for downloading music featured by you. You will be generating commission for all the sales driven through your affiliate code. There are many music sites that sell not only music but also music gear. Sell their songs and music gear to earn high commissions.

Teach Music

If you are a talented musician, you can also make money from music blog by teaching others. It doesn’t just have to be violin lessons. You can teach anything:

  • Jazz singing
  • Rock songwriting
  • Recording hip hop beats
  • Any new musical skill for the young

While you can promote and sell your teaching services over your blog, Google Hangouts or Skype can work as the medium. Even accomplished musicians teach instruments, not only to generate revenues but also because they are passionate about it. This can not only help add to your income, it will also allow you to improve your skills.

It is not just your blog that can be used to promote your services. You can also promote using other sites including social networks. While your blog posts and services can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you may also post free ads on Craigslist. Software like Skype can allow you to teach one or more students at the same time.

Create & Sell New Music

This is nothing less than an investment in your career. It is one of the best things you can do to start a music blog and make money out of it. New music can be written for self releasing or to pitch to other artists. If you have a talent in music, a music blog can be the perfect launching pad to reach out. Thanks to the latest technologies, you can sell your music in so many ways:

  • Sell Music CDs: You can start a music blog to sell your music CDs. Once your blog has built your authority as a musician, it will become easier to sell your music.
  • Sell Vinyl Records: There has been a growing trend among music fans to buy vinyl records. You may also sell your live shows or music creations printed on vinyl records. This can help generate additional income.
  • Digital Music: It is even easier to sell digital music through your blog. This can help drive one of the highest amounts of revenues of the different formats. Besides, you may also sell through online retailers. Many digital distributors allow musicians to place their tracks on sale on their stores. They charge a tiny commission for each sale.
  • Music Streaming: There are many streaming services that make music creation more profitable for artists. These services pay you on per-stream basis. The payouts may not be big for each stream, the more music you create, the more you can earn. At the same time, such services also provide you another platform for people to discover your music. Thus, they can also contribute to promoting your music.

Get Sponsored

If you start music blog with a large fan base, you can even get sponsored by brands. Sponsorship can be in different forms. It can be in the form of gear, services, products or money.

It is easy to start your music blog. There are many guides on how to start a music blog. However, the difficult part is building your follower or fan base. If you want to succeed with monetizing your music blog, it is important to build a large base of followers. The more targeted traffic you can generate, the more will be the potential income that you can expect to generate. Creativity is another important strategy to build a successful music blog. If you are creative, you can monetize your blog in so many more ways.

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How to make money with Fashion Blog or website?

How to make money with fashion blog

If you are thinking of starting a fashion blog or website and monetize it, you are making an interesting and lucrative decision. There may already be good competition in this niche, but there is always room for high quality content. Fashion is one industry that never sleeps and never stops innovating. So how can you make money with your fashion blog or website? Here are 6 monetizing tips that will help to make money with fashion blog and websites.

Tips to Make Money with Fashion Blog

How to make money with fashion blog

How to make money with fashion blog

1. Affiliate Marketing

Every fashion blog is likely to suggest products or tips to its readers. You can earn handsome commission if you recommend beauty products, apparel or fashion accessories and your readers go ahead and make a purchase.

If you have a loyal following for and many people trust your word, affiliate marketing can be an effective  way to make money with fashion blog. Whether your blog focuses on a specific fashion niche or is a general fashion blog that covers everything, you can find an endless list of relevant online businesses that have highly-rewarding affiliate programs.

2. Pay Per Click Advertising

If your fashion blog or website generates a large volume of targeted traffic, you can sign up for one or more pay per click ad programs. Every time someone clicks on the ads placed on your site, you will be making money. Google AdSense is a must-have platform. There are many other programs that offer high returns. The returns depend on how much quality traffic you are generating on your blog or site. Once you have signed up for the program, you don’t have to do anything else except focusing on managing your blog or site to increase targeted traffic.

3. Review Writing

There are different ways in which review writing can help you make money with fashion blog. Genuine and unbiased reviews can go a long way in drawing people’s attention and encouraging them to use the products. If you already have a large volume of targeted traffic, it will be easier to inspire them to use the products. This can help you earn a commission.

Once you start fashion blog, you can find brands ready to pay you for reviewing and promoting their products. Some of them may even send out their products to fashion bloggers to have them reviewed.

4. Pay Per Impression Advertising

Pay per impression ads are different from PPC advertising. Unlike PPC, this program allows you to make money for just showing the ads. Whenever an ad is viewed on your blog or site, you earn a tiny amount. If you have a high-traffic fashion blog, you can generate larger volume of views and thus drive more revenue. This is one of the best answers to the question how do fashion bloggers make money, especially those with very high traffic volume.

5. Sell Ad Space

This is another effective strategy to make money with fashion blog. You sell ad spaces on your blog or website directly to brands or through service providers. It is also referred to as banner advertising. It is easy to guess that you should accept ads from brands relevant to your site’s niche. This can help you deliver the desired results to your advertisers so that you can build long-term business relationships.

It is recommended to sell ad space on your fashion blog if you have consistent traffic. Your blog or site is also perfect for this strategy if you thoroughly know who your visitors are. The ad management services may require that your blog or site meet certain requirements to qualify for their programs. On the other hand, you can also manage the ad space and promote your site yourself. Make sure to prepare a proper and exhaustive media kit for your site detailing all the traffic stats and reports to convince your advertisers.

6. Selling Own Products

There are so many types of fashion accessories and products and you can even use your blog or website to sell your own products. Most people looking for ways on how to start a fashion blog already have some products on their mind. Thus, you may also use your blog or website to launch your own products.

So follow these 6 strategies to make money with fashion blog. It is recommended  to choose one or more of these methods depending on what your fashion blog or site focuses on. Eventually, it comes down to how much targeted traffic you are driving. The more it is, the more revenue you will be able to generate.

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How To Make Money With Lifestyle Blog Or Website?

Make money with lifestyle blog

Lifestyle is one of the most widely followed blogging niches in the world. If you want to write on trending and interesting topics, you should start lifestyle blog or website. Besides, there are so many opportunities for monetizing this niche. The lifestyle segment covers so many types of products and services. Make money with lifestyle blog or lifestyle website has become a profession nowadays. We have shared the ways you can start your lifestyle blog and make money online through blogging.

Ways to make money with lifestyle blog

Make money with lifestyle blog

Make money with lifestyle blog

1. CPC & CPM Advertising

Google AdSense is easily the best example of CPC (cost per click) advertising programs. These ads are displayed on your site and pay you whenever someone clicks on them. If your blog or site generates high volume of targeted traffic, CPC ads can help you make large amount of money on a steady basis. It will be even better if your blog keeps many of your visitors on your pages. It is also extremely easy to setup a Google AdSense account and make money with lifestyle blog. All you have to do is to sign up for an account. Besides, there are many other CPC ad programs that can pay you well for showing relevant ads on your site.

CPM (cost per mile) advertising is similar to CPC advertising. It can also help you generate good amount of steady revenue based on your traffic. All that is required is to sign up for an account and add the program’s code into your site. You should choose this ad program only if your lifestyle blog or site generates massively high traffic.

2. Affiliate Marketing

When done well, affiliate marketing can turn out to be a big revenue generation strategy for lifestyle blogs. The best thing about the lifestyle segment is that you can promote so many types of products. On the other hand, if your blog focuses on a specific niche, you can target a unique line of products.

Affiliate marketing allows you promote or recommend products through your blog or website and earn commission. There are so many ways you can promote such products.

  • Place banner ads on your blog or site
  • Write blog posts highlighting the features and benefits of products
  • Send out newsletters

Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission. There are so many businesses eager to have their products promoted, you will have almost infinite number of products to promote. Beside, the lifestyle niche means there is no limit to what you can recommend through your blog or site.

There are also many affiliate networks that allow publishers and bloggers to connect with niche brands. There are thousands of such networks that can also provide you tips on how to start a lifestyle blog and make money of it. Affiliate programs pay you on a monthly basis. They will typically have a minimum threshold for send the payment. You can also directly reach out to major brands to promote their products.

3. Promote Brands Directly

You can also promote brands directly to make money with lifestyle blog. It is not even necessary to actually sell their products. You can earn money even for creating sponsored content. Many brands are ready to pay handsomely for writing reviews or blog posts highlighting their products. If your website drives very high traffic, you can also become a sort of brand ambassador for a company. In other words, you can have long term business relationships that help you drive regular business.

4. Sell Products

You can also use your fashion blog or website to sell products online. You can sell both physical and digital products based on your interests and resources. if you want to sell physical products, you will have to invest more time and money in setting things up. But with the current drop-shipping model, you can leave all the physical work to other companies and focus on driving more traffic and managing your blog or site.

Selling digital products can be easier because you will not have to worry about storage and shipping. all you should focus on is starting a lifestyle blog or site and maintaining it. On the other you can focus on improving your digital product and driving more traffic.

So follow these 4 strategies to make money with lifestyle blog. As already mentioned, this is one of the best blogging niches you can choose. A general lifestyle blog that covers different niches in this segment can allow you to promote so many types of products and services to increase your revenues. Eventually, your earning potential comes down to making the right choices and spending more time in increasing your targeted traffic.

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How to Start a WordPress Blog {Complete Guide}

how to start a wordpress blog

So you want to start a WordPress blog, don’t you?

But things get the worst if you have zero knowledge about installing and maintaining it.

Don’t worry!

Here I am going to show how to start a WordPress blog guide using which you can create, beautify and write your posts right away.

Are you ready to explore the process? Here you go!

How to Start a WordPress Blog?

how to start a wordpress blog

How to start a wordpress blog

Before getting deep into the process of starting the self-hosted WordPress blog, let me ask you one thing. Why do you want to start a WordPress blog? Why no other CMS??

Note:- Don’t confuse the word WordPress here with What I am referring to is self-hosted whereas the .com variant doesn’t need hosting and it lacks multiple features of org version.

Well, the following are the benefits of WordPress as compared to uncountable free options out there.

Benefits of WordPress

#1. Maximum Control Over Your Site

You own everything on your WordPress blog whereas one can’t completely say the same regarding any free platform. Take for example. I have seen many bloggers screaming out loud due to the loss of their money site as Google false-flagged them and banned from search engine page results aka SERPs.

Even if Google flags your blog, you will not lose anything as you are the supreme authority and no one deletes the content so that, a re-launching is possible.

#2. Tons of Plugins

The best feature about WordPress is the whopping number of plugins that helps you increase the functionality of your site without making your hands dirty with incomprehensible code snippets.

Be it for SEO, list building, appearance customization or security, you get the best.

#3. A Lot of Beautiful Themes

You can download beautiful themes (both free and premium) to make your site a static or dynamic one. Tens of thousands of themes are available.

I can’t help keep on going with this. Given the fact that you want to know how to set up a WordPress blog, I cease here to move on to the core section.

How to Start a WordPress Blog Website?

Starting a WordPress blog is no brainer. You can do it in 5 or 10 minutes with a cost of about $4 per month. But keep on blogging with the same passion from the beginning itself is real hustle.

Make sure you have a niche in mind on which you are going to blog about. It can be anything that fascinates you. If making money is on your priority list, I recommend you do research.

You might have already heard that one needs hosting to create a WordPress blog. And, I can’t recommend a host other than Bluehost (officially endorsed by WordPress) for WP due to the low cost, best service and WordPress oriented optimizations.

How to Start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost?

Follow the short guide I have crafted down below to know how to make a profitable WordPress blog on Bluehost.

Step 1: Visit and press the Get Started button to get yourself into the package selection page.

Step 2: Choose the Starter plan as you are about to start a new blog.

Step 3: On the next screen, you will be asked to enter the domain name (Don’t worry, it’s free). You can’t have someone else’s domain.

Step 4: After choosing your domain, you need to setup a Bluehost account with necessary details. Then choose the hosting duration. The higher, the better!

Step 5: The next screen you see is for add-on selection. You can leave them unchecked. In case you want to hide the owner details, check the Privacy Protection.

Step 6: Checkout, pay the fees and you are done. Now you have a hosting plan under your belt. Access the homepage of Bluehost and login to your account.

Step 7: You can see a ‘Install WordPress’ icon under websites. Just click on the same. Then, hit the green Install button from the next page.

Step 8: You will be asked to choose the domain using a dropdown menu. Just do the same and move on to the next step.

Step 9: Here, make sure you check Show advanced options. And, enter title, username and password. Press Install and wait some time to get it finished.

Hurray! You now have a WordPress blog.

How to Install Themes on Your WordPress Blog?

It is true that first impression is the best impression. Hence you need the best-in-class theme to make your blog appealing.

Step 1: Login to your WP dashboard using the credentials (username and password).

Step 2: Once you logged in, follow Appearance>> Themes.

Step 3: There you can see the themes you have at the moment. Click on Add new.

Step 4: You can see a few free themes there. I recommend using a premium theme (like Genesis). So click on Upload Theme, browse to the theme file and press Enter.

There you go! Based on the size of the theme, you have to wait a few seconds to a minute (as it depends on your internet speed too).

How to Publish a Post?

Just access Posts>> Add new. You will get a new window that resembles an MS Word window.

You can start typing there right away. Use the toolbar on top to upload media, insert links, and format your content.

After finishing the draft, press Publish. That’s it.

More detailed Guide on How to start a blog

Wrapping Up

Don’t you know how to start a WordPress blog now?

I have covered the prime aspects one needs to know when it comes to creating a WordPress blog from scratch.

As I said earlier, blogging isn’t a flowery path through which you can reach the millionaires’ castle overnight.

Make sure you publish posts regularly. And, you will find your way to profit gradually.

In case you have any doubts on how to create a WordPress site, make sure you leave a comment using the form down below.

Also, share this post with your social media folks.

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How to Start a Photography Blog – Starting a photography blog

How to start a photography Blog

Are you interested in taking pictures and showing the same to your friends and family? Then, you should know how to start a photography blog as it will let the world know about the sleeping artist in you.

You think the process of creating a blog is a technical task a non-technical guy like you can’t do?

Nope! After reading this article, you will never say something like this because I am going to walk you through the process of making a photography blog.

How to Start a Photography Blog?

How to start a photography Blog

How to start a photography Blog

Starting a photo blog isn’t tough like refilling a toothpaste tube with the fluid that came out from it. But you will feel exhausted to stay consistent on updating the blog if you don’t possess a natural interest towards photography.

Why should One Create a Photography Blog?

You must not create a photography blog all of a sudden. There may be a number of photo blogs with huge monthly earning. If you think this way and want to create one for the monetary sum only, the interest will not last forever. It takes months or even years to have a profitable blog.

The following are the reasons I found out that inspire someone to be a photography blog.

#1. You are a Professional Photographer

Let’s assume that you are a professional photographer. Or you want to be one. So what you want is to have more clients. People will not call you to cover their special occasions if they don’t know you.

That’s where the need for a blog arises. You can post all your favorite pictures you captured on the blog. When someone asks you for samples, you can direct them to the site.

#2. You are Passionate about Photography

Even though you are not a professional photographer, you may possess a natural flare for photography. And you know the immense pleasure you get while showing your best pictures to people. That’s what you will get when you navigate through the statistics of your own photography blog too.

As long as you keep the passion towards the photography, you will become the owner of a profitable photography blog.

As I said earlier, let making money not be your aim to create a photography blog.

How to Start a Photography Blog on WordPress?

WordPress is so far the best Content Management System available on the web right now. Hence, I recommend you use the same. You will not find the procedure for any other platform here as well.

The following are the steps you should go through, in order to make a photography blog.

Step 1:- Select a Niche

Are you in to create a random photography blog? Being in a competitive niche as photography, you will find it difficult to get eyeballs to your blog at first. But once you become consistent, visitors keep on flowing.

The chances of getting a good readership are higher if you laser target the audience. You can target on wedding, food, nature, wild life, humans, or anything you like.

Make sure your snaps pours the liveliness the original object has.

Step 2:- Choose a Name and Domain

Sure, you need a name for your photography blog. A name that everyone remembers, a name that draws an idea of what you are dealing with.

You need to prove your creativity here. Unless you want to create a blog under your name, you must think a lot to land the perfect name for your blog.

Once you get a name, search for the same in Google. And, make sure the .com domain of it isn’t taken.

Note:- Don’t purchase a domain right away. You can grab one for free with the hosting plan from Bluehost.

Step 3: Buy a Hosting Plan

I already told you that I prefer self-hosted WordPress blogs as it offers you the best-in-class security and managing abilities.

Then the question arises. ‘Which hosting provider should I choose?’

Well, your manual search for the best web hosting provider may not return perfect results. If it’s the case, I want you to have a look at WordPress hosting endorsement page.

What is the first one you see there? Bluehost, right?

Being the top among WordPress endorsed web hosting provider, Bluehost offers the best WP services.

Whichever be the hosting provider, you need to install WordPress to start blogging.

Click here to visit Bluehost official website

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost?

Follow the steps given below to know how to start a photography blog on Bluehost.

Step 1: Head over to and choose Get started button.

Step 2: Then, you will have to choose a hosting package from the next screen. As you are just starting out, the basic plan is enough.

Step 3:- Enter the domain name that’s in your mind and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: You should submit your personal details to be included in your account now. And then, select the duration of the package. The higher, the better (regarding discount)!

Step 5: Select none from the add-on screen that follows. If you want to keep the owner information of your domain secret, purchase privacy protection.

Step 6: You have finished buying a plan and setting up a domain. Go to bluehost home page and log into your account.

Step 7: From the next screen, look for Install WordPress icon. Don’t forget to click on it.

Step 8: Choose the domain, leave the directory field as empty and, click on Check my domain.

Step 9: Check Show advanced options. You can see three fields; title, username and password. Once you submit a username, it can’t be altered.

Press Install. There you go!

Get a Theme and Install a Few Plugins

Though WordPress has a few free themes, you must purchase a premium theme to make your blog flamboyant. Checkout themes from MyThemeShop or StudioPress.

Don’t forget to install a few essential plugins as well.

Don’t You Know How to Start a Photography Blog Now?

I hope you know the process now.

As you have just read, it will not cost you even $4 per month.

Don’t forget to share the article with your friends who are interested in photography. Let them know the way of showcasing their works for ever.

If you have any query or suggestion don’t forget to comment in the below section. You can also contact us through the contact us form. Will try to reply you with the best possible solution.

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How to Start a Music Blog?

How to start a music blog

You want to know how to start a music blog, don’t you?

No you shouldn’t blog on music. The niche is crowded with a lot of authority sites that you can’t become one of the top sites.

Maybe you have heard enough of this. But I recommend you should do it given that you are passionate about music, you enjoy music and you are ready to wait (I will tell you for what).

I believe you are in for making a music blog not for the monetary weight. Even if you are in for it, you must weight for at least a year.

How to Start a Music Blog?

How to start a music blog

How to start a music blog

Maybe you are not familiar with the blogging stuff and you want to acknowledge your love for music before the world in the form of a blog. Then, you need a guide on how to make a good music blog. And here it comes.

Why does One Start a Music Blog?

You might have seen many blog sites and even approximated the money they earn. If it’s the only thing that attracts you to create a music blog, I want you to back off, at least for some time.

Take your time and rekindle your love for songs. Try to recall every moment you spend listening to music that made you joyous. And, of course I recommend you must read popular music blogs to know how they keep on getting a large number of eyeballs regularly.

You need to be consistent, determinate and have sheer perseverance to get yourself in a state to make money with your niche music blog.

Once you become popular as a music blogger, you will get free copies of albums, tickets for music shows, review requests from bands etc. The sky is the limit if you motivate yourself for quite a long them. After that, the blog will motivate you.

So let’s move on to making a successful music blog.

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How to Start Your Own Music Blog?

I have divided this section for your convenience as it eases the process of reading. You can find different steps in creating a music blog site below.

#1. Choose a Name

Yeah, the name matters. In order to stand out from more than a million blogs available on the web, you must choose a unique name for your blog.

Keep the following things in your mind while you select a name for your blog.

·         Make it Catchy!! Is it a catchy name? I don’t think so. But what about Cruel Rhythm?? It hits the right spot.

Hence, you shouldn’t pick any random name for your music blog simply because it does justice to your niche. Be creative and stand out from the web. The world will recognize you sooner or later.

Look at the popular brand names and see how they coined the term (Microsoft, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.).

·         Make Sure the Availability of Domain Name and Social Profiles

Though there are sites with different name and URL, I don’t recommend following the strategy. It simply doesn’t make sense. So, you must check the availability of the domain for the name you chose. And, check social media sites for confirming the same is available there too. In case you fail, be brave to move on with another name.

Bluehost offers a free domain with their hosting package. Save $15 with them.

Click here to visit Bluehost official website

·         Overlook Already Taken Names and Avoid Using Hyphens or Symbols

I hope you don’t select already taken names. You can clarify the fact by using Google as a tool of reference.

In order to make your name easy to remember, avoid using hyphens or other symbols.

#2. Purchase a Hosting Plan

It is not going to be easy. Yeah! If you put yourself out there to choose a hosting provider, you will be disappointed. About 150 known web hosting companies are on the web. Isn’t it going to be easy?

Note:- Of course there are free hosting providers. But I recommend you use self-hosted WordPress blog for custom domain and maximum control.

No! But I want to help you as you are reading my guide on how to start a music blog.

WordPress itself recommends a few hosting services as the endorsed providers. Of those, Bluehost got the first place. So, I want you to have a Bluehost plan to create a blog on music.

Buy Free Domain name with Hosting at

How to Start a Music Review Blog on Bluehost?

Being a non-technical person, you may find it difficult to create a music blog on Bluehost. Hence, follow these steps given below. And, you are done!

Step 1: Visit and click on Get Started. You will see a page with different plans. And, the first one is enough as you are just starting out.

how to start a music blog

how to start a music blog

Step 2:  You will get a domain insertion field. Enter the domain you want to purchase into the given field and press Next.

Starting a Music Blog

Starting a Music Blog

Step 3: Now you need to enter the account details. Just fill some fields. That’s it! And, the hosting package selection is the next step. Even though every package offers the same performance and specs, Starter 36 month has the best discount.

Music blogging online

Music blogging online

Step 4: On the add-on selection screen, you can leave everything unchecked. I hope you don’t mind a little fame. If you do, check the domain privacy protection.

Step 5: You have finished creating a Bluehost account with an active hosting account now. Just head over to their home page and login to your account.

Make money music blogging

Make money music blogging

Step 6: The dashboard is what you see after logging in (refer the image given below). Have a look at the heading Website and choose Install WordPress to kick start the installation of WordPress.

Start a music blog site

Start a music blog site

Step 7: From the WordPress installation screen, hit the green Install button.

How to create a music blog site

How to create a music blog site

Step 8: Choose the domain from the drop-down menu from the next screen and, leave the directory field as empty. Then, press Check Domain.

Starting music blog site

Starting music blog site

Step 9: Check show advanced options and enter your blog name, username and password. Both the first and last can be changed later. I recommend keeping a username other than admin as it became a so common and makes hackers’ job easier.

Hit Install and wait some to get it finished.

Music blogging site setup

Music blogging site setup

That’s it! You own a WordPress blog now. Go to and log into your dashboard.

I don’t think the chaos of how to start a music blog will not haunt you ever.

#3. Choose a Theme and Install Plugins

I am a fan of paid themes because of the way they are coded. A premium theme creates the best first impression than the first one and it contains more features too.

I recommend Genesis from StudioPress.

Go to Plugins>> Add New and, install some mandatory plugins from there.

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Go Publish Articles There!

So you know how to create a successful music blog. Then, why are you still waiting. Follow the procedures given above and, start publishing articles.

Remember ‘now is the right time’. So don’t procrastinate. Be proactive instead!

If you think this article helped you in anyway, don’t forget to share the same.

If you have any queries or suggestion you can also contact us through our contact form and drop you messages. Will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Start a Fashion Blog and make money

How to start a fashion blog

How to start a fashion Blog and make money from it??

You know you are interested in new fashion trends and many a times, you got appreciated for your sense of dressing and hair styling. Then you should try your hands on fashion blogging.

Maybe you have zero idea about professional blogging. But that doesn’t matter here. I am going to let you know how to become a successful fashion blogger.

Are you ready to explore how? Here you go!

How to start a fashion blog

How to start a fashion blog

How to Start a Fashion Blog?

Let’s face it!

Blogging is not a walk in the park anymore. Gone are the days when people used to visit our websites no matter how poor the crafts were. As Google raised its quality standards with a number of algorithm updates, you can’t fool around.

You should get yourself out there, leave out of your comfort zone and work harder. Another reason why fashion blogging is harder in 2016 is the number of authority blogs who are competing with.


As long as you keep the momentum going without losing the passion, you have 100% chance to succeed. You must give your 100% for it though.

I keep the pride to educate a passionate person how to start a successful fashion blog.

What it Takes to be a Fashion Blogger?

Does anyone become a fashion blogger?


The following are the things you should need as you look forward to creating a fashion blog.

#1. A Few Bucks a Month

Maybe you want to know how to start a fashion blog for free. I don’t recommend you do it. Unless you are doing it for short term and not taking it seriously, you must spend some bucks at least for hosting (Yeah you need domain too! But Bluehost gives it away for free with their hosting package).

I don’t mean you need $100 per month to invest in your fashion blog. Make sure you can spend at least $4.

#2. Undying Passion

Initial days of blogging are going to be tough. Yes sir, it is! I don’t want to give false hopes. You may not get any visitors for a few days.

Don’t worry!

Keep on posting articles, pictures or videos. Go on with social media marketing. Soon you feel it’s ripening time.

#3. Zero Returns Policy for at least an Year

You can make money from any blog. It’s not a secret anymore.

But patience is the key to success. Being a new blog on the web, your fashion blog may not be able to make money.

Wait at least a year!

#4. A Mind to Learn New Things

You are going to learn a lot; SEO, networking, writing SEO and human friendly articles. So, adapt the change, make yourself blend with the situation and keep it rolling.

Let’s move on to how to run a fashion blog now.

How to Create a Good Fashion Blog?

I have classified the process into different subtasks for your convenience. Read them below and act accordingly.

Step 1: Pick a Niche

The core topic of your blog is termed as niche. You are going to make a fashion blog. But you can narrow it down to a small category for having targeted traffic.

For example, you can focus on men’s hair styling or women’s make up tips. It’s all up to you on which topic you should blog about.

NEVER choose a niche that doesn’t interest you.

So that’s the first step in our how to create a fashion blog guide.

Step 2: Choose a Name and Domain

Your name is going to be big. People must remember your blog when they hear the name. So, make it unique, catchy and easy to remember.

As there are no set-rules to pick a name (free with Bluehost), you are free to follow any path for it. Once you stumble upon one, make sure the matching domain is available.

Step 3: Make Social Media Pages

Fashion blogs get loads of traffic from social media. Hence, you must create profiles in at least three (FB, G+ and Twitter) social media pages.

You can try out others as well. But those three are mandatory. Make sure you share fashionable images with them. Also, try posting fashion related quotes.

Step 4: Purchase a Hosting Plan

You need the space to store your system resource. Web hosting providers are companies that sell storage space on the web.

I recommend you go with Bluehost as it is optimized for WordPress, comes with a free domain and doesn’t cost you a ton.

Do you know how to install WordPress on bluehost? Take it from here.

Click here to visit Bluehost official website

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost?

Follow the steps down below to install WP on Bluehost.

Step 1: Go to and press the green button saying ‘Get Started’.

Step 2: You will see the shared hosting plan of Bluehost. As you are starting out for the first time, Starter plan is enough. So choose it.

How to start a food blog_Image 2 How to start a fashion blog_domain name and hosting plan selection

Step 3: I hope you have a domain in your mind. Just pour it out into the field given there. Don’t forget to keep it concise.

Step 4: Next step is setting up your account. I know you won’t need a helping hand there. After the setup, choose the package duration. As you can see, 36 month’s plan gives out maximum discount. Hence, be sensible!

Start fashion blogging

Step 5: You can see the add-on selection screen here. I don’t think you need one. In case you need anything, don’t forget to check those.

Step 6: That’s it. Now, you have purchased a hosting plan. It’s time to login to your account. Visit Bluehost home screen to have login button.

Step 7: From the dashboard, locate Websites section and click on Install WordPress icon.

Step 8: Again press on Install from the screen that follows. And, select a domain from the dropdown menu. Ensure you leave the directory field as empty.

Start fashion blogging for money

Step 9: From the next screen, check Show advanced options. Enter Site Title, Username and Password there. You can change both the title and the password later.

You have a WordPress blog now. Do you want another guide on how to start a fashion blog??

Wrapping Up

The process hasn’t ended there. You must purchase a premium theme (Metro Pro from StudioPress is the best) and install a few mandatory plugins. That’s it.

I hope you know how to start a successful blog about fashion now.

In case you are left with any doubt, don’t forget to scribble the same in the comment section down below.

Spare a share to help your friends to start their own fashion blog.

How to Start a Food Blog? {Complete Guide} Steps to setup food blog

how to start a food blog step by step easily

So you want to start a food blog, don’t you?

You can’t launch a food blog all of a sudden and get thousands of visitors overnight. That’s where you need to adopt proper planning.

I understand your concern. You may be just a foodie who has no idea about how a blog is made. But don’t worry!

I am here to walk you through the process of creating a food blog or maybe any of the below types of blog which you feel more comfortable with.

How to start your own food blog?

How to start a cooking blog?

How to start a recipe blog?

How to Start a Food Blog?

how to start a food blog step by step easily

Writing articles on food needs you to be foodie. You can’t invoke the tastes of a dish into your write-up until and unless you have natural interest in them. But this doesn’t apply if you look forward to making a photography blog on food.

Are you ready to find out how to start a successful food blog? Here you go.

Step 1: Decide Whether You Target Broad or a Narrowed Topic

Not all of you want to start a general food blog. Some of you are interested in non-vegetarian dishes while some of you aren’t. Similarly, a few of them want to target on making a blog with recipes that one can make out of a single thing.

So, that’s the first thing I want you to decide.

Step 2: Choose a Name and a Domain

I know you are aware of this step. No one needs a how to start a food blog tutorial to know the importance of the name.

The name should reflect the core topic of your blog. Given the fact that the internet has more than a million blogs, you need to be patient in order to get a perfect name and a matching domain

NEVER ever take a name with no matching domains available. (Yeah, top-level domains aren’t completely free).

When it comes to name selection, you should bear in mind that it must be short, interesting and easy to remember.

The first name that came to mind here is foodiegoodie. Unfortunately, the domain is parked.

You can buy a domain from any registrar. But brace yourself! You are going to get it for free from Bluehost with their hosting package.

Note: – Yes, you can start a recipe blog for free. But it will not perform as you would expect. That’s why I recommend going with a self-hosted WordPress blog rather a free Blogspot or one.

Step 3: Select a Hosting Provider

Now that you are up to setting up a food blog, you need to select a hosting provider. Given the fact than 130+ of them are available, you will find it tedious to choose one.

Don’t worry!

As I said earlier, Bluehost is here with their affordable hosting package with a free domain name. I have experienced their service personally for a few of my projects. Guess what? They rocked!

For about $3.5 per month, you can purchase their basic plan with a domain worth $15 for free.

Click here to visit Bluehost official website

A Short Guide to Purchase Bluehost Hosting for Your Food Blog

First, go to and choose a plan. You can choose any package from there. But the starter plan is enough for a new blog.

How to start a food blog_Image 1

Then, you will have to determine the duration of the plan. At least a year should be selected to get the free domain.

How to start a food blog_Image 2

They ask you to choose optional add-ons like privacy protection etc. It’s up to you whether to go with them or not.

Lastly, you need to provide your identity information and payment details. There you go!

Step 4: Install WordPress.Org

Self-hosted WordPress is our blogging platform here. As it is available for free, you can use install it whenever you want.

Here comes another advantage of choosing Bluehost as your hosting provider. You will not find it difficult to start your own food blog because they offer an easy one-click app installer for WordPress.

First, you need to login to your Bluehost dashboard after purchasing a plan. Then, look under website builders to see WordPress there.

How to start a food blog_Image 3

You will get a window next on which Install button should be your pick.

How to start a food blog_Image 4

As you need to connect the domain with the hosting account, it will ask you to enter the same in the next step. Do it and press Check Domain.

How to start a food blog_Image 5

You will get two checkboxes on the next screen. Leave the first and tick the second. Don’t forget to hit the Install Now button as well.

How to start a food blog_Image 6

Clicking on the view credentials buttons will bring you to a new page where you can find both the username and password.

How to start a food blog_Image 7

I hope you will never ask anyone how to start a food blog because you have one now. You can see the backend of your blog by entering into the address bar.

How to start a food blog_Image 8

It’s time to customize the blog now.

Step 5: Select a Theme and Install Necessary Plugins

The first impression is the best impression. Have you heard this?

The first thing anyone notices on any website is the design itself. So, you need to make your food blog look perfect regarding design.

I recommend going with clean and light colored themes.

Note: – Genesis from Studiopress is my recommendation for the best theme. It is a framework that lays the foundation for many child themes by Studiopress.

Premium themes are the best in support and customization. So be brave enough to overlook them.

Plugins increase the functionality of our blogs. So, every WordPress blog requires a few plugins no matter what the niche is.

They are

WordPress SEO by Yoast: – Helps you to make your articles search engine friendly.

W3Total Cache: – Decreases page load speed.

SumoMe: – For building email lists and integrating social share buttons.

Akismet: – To get rid of spam comments.

Contact Form 7: – Incorporates contact forms on your blog.

Wordfence Security: – Keeps your blog away from hackers.

Updraft Plus: – Takes backups.

Step 6: Write, Snap and Publish

That’s it. You can start writing without further ado. I recommend adding quite a good number of images in your articles because it fascinates the readers.

I don’t mean you should buy a DSLR. Even a good smartphone camera will do the magic.

Don’t You Know How to Start a Food Blog Now?

I hope your doubt on creating a cooking blog is solved.

In case you encounter any issues, feel free to reach out to me using the comment section down below. I will be more than glad to help you be the best food blogger.

If you found this helpful, have a second to spare a share.