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How to Start a WordPress Blog {Complete Guide}

So you want to start a WordPress blog, don’t you?

But things get the worst if you have zero knowledge about installing and maintaining it.

Don’t worry!

Here I am going to show how to start a WordPress blog guide using which you can create, beautify and write your posts right away.

Are you ready to explore the process? Here you go!

How to Start a WordPress Blog?

how to start a wordpress blog

How to start a wordpress blog

Before getting deep into the process of starting the self-hosted WordPress blog, let me ask you one thing. Why do you want to start a WordPress blog? Why no other CMS??

Note:- Don’t confuse the word WordPress here with What I am referring to is self-hosted whereas the .com variant doesn’t need hosting and it lacks multiple features of org version.

Well, the following are the benefits of WordPress as compared to uncountable free options out there.

Benefits of WordPress

#1. Maximum Control Over Your Site

You own everything on your WordPress blog whereas one can’t completely say the same regarding any free platform. Take for example. I have seen many bloggers screaming out loud due to the loss of their money site as Google false-flagged them and banned from search engine page results aka SERPs.

Even if Google flags your blog, you will not lose anything as you are the supreme authority and no one deletes the content so that, a re-launching is possible.

#2. Tons of Plugins

The best feature about WordPress is the whopping number of plugins that helps you increase the functionality of your site without making your hands dirty with incomprehensible code snippets.

Be it for SEO, list building, appearance customization or security, you get the best.

#3. A Lot of Beautiful Themes

You can download beautiful themes (both free and premium) to make your site a static or dynamic one. Tens of thousands of themes are available.

I can’t help keep on going with this. Given the fact that you want to know how to set up a WordPress blog, I cease here to move on to the core section.

How to Start a WordPress Blog Website?

Starting a WordPress blog is no brainer. You can do it in 5 or 10 minutes with a cost of about $4 per month. But keep on blogging with the same passion from the beginning itself is real hustle.

Make sure you have a niche in mind on which you are going to blog about. It can be anything that fascinates you. If making money is on your priority list, I recommend you do research.

You might have already heard that one needs hosting to create a WordPress blog. And, I can’t recommend a host other than Bluehost (officially endorsed by WordPress) for WP due to the low cost, best service and WordPress oriented optimizations.

How to Start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost?

Follow the short guide I have crafted down below to know how to make a profitable WordPress blog on Bluehost.

Step 1: Visit and press the Get Started button to get yourself into the package selection page.

Step 2: Choose the Starter plan as you are about to start a new blog.

Step 3: On the next screen, you will be asked to enter the domain name (Don’t worry, it’s free). You can’t have someone else’s domain.

Step 4: After choosing your domain, you need to setup a Bluehost account with necessary details. Then choose the hosting duration. The higher, the better!

Step 5: The next screen you see is for add-on selection. You can leave them unchecked. In case you want to hide the owner details, check the Privacy Protection.

Step 6: Checkout, pay the fees and you are done. Now you have a hosting plan under your belt. Access the homepage of Bluehost and login to your account.

Step 7: You can see a ‘Install WordPress’ icon under websites. Just click on the same. Then, hit the green Install button from the next page.

Step 8: You will be asked to choose the domain using a dropdown menu. Just do the same and move on to the next step.

Step 9: Here, make sure you check Show advanced options. And, enter title, username and password. Press Install and wait some time to get it finished.

Hurray! You now have a WordPress blog.

How to Install Themes on Your WordPress Blog?

It is true that first impression is the best impression. Hence you need the best-in-class theme to make your blog appealing.

Step 1: Login to your WP dashboard using the credentials (username and password).

Step 2: Once you logged in, follow Appearance>> Themes.

Step 3: There you can see the themes you have at the moment. Click on Add new.

Step 4: You can see a few free themes there. I recommend using a premium theme (like Genesis). So click on Upload Theme, browse to the theme file and press Enter.

There you go! Based on the size of the theme, you have to wait a few seconds to a minute (as it depends on your internet speed too).

How to Publish a Post?

Just access Posts>> Add new. You will get a new window that resembles an MS Word window.

You can start typing there right away. Use the toolbar on top to upload media, insert links, and format your content.

After finishing the draft, press Publish. That’s it.

More detailed Guide on How to start a blog

Wrapping Up

Don’t you know how to start a WordPress blog now?

I have covered the prime aspects one needs to know when it comes to creating a WordPress blog from scratch.

As I said earlier, blogging isn’t a flowery path through which you can reach the millionaires’ castle overnight.

Make sure you publish posts regularly. And, you will find your way to profit gradually.

In case you have any doubts on how to create a WordPress site, make sure you leave a comment using the form down below.

Also, share this post with your social media folks.

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