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How to Start a Photography Blog – Starting a photography blog

Are you interested in taking pictures and showing the same to your friends and family? Then, you should know how to start a photography blog as it will let the world know about the sleeping artist in you.

You think the process of creating a blog is a technical task a non-technical guy like you can’t do?

Nope! After reading this article, you will never say something like this because I am going to walk you through the process of making a photography blog.

How to Start a Photography Blog?

How to start a photography Blog

How to start a photography Blog

Starting a photo blog isn’t tough like refilling a toothpaste tube with the fluid that came out from it. But you will feel exhausted to stay consistent on updating the blog if you don’t possess a natural interest towards photography.

Why should One Create a Photography Blog?

You must not create a photography blog all of a sudden. There may be a number of photo blogs with huge monthly earning. If you think this way and want to create one for the monetary sum only, the interest will not last forever. It takes months or even years to have a profitable blog.

The following are the reasons I found out that inspire someone to be a photography blog.

#1. You are a Professional Photographer

Let’s assume that you are a professional photographer. Or you want to be one. So what you want is to have more clients. People will not call you to cover their special occasions if they don’t know you.

That’s where the need for a blog arises. You can post all your favorite pictures you captured on the blog. When someone asks you for samples, you can direct them to the site.

#2. You are Passionate about Photography

Even though you are not a professional photographer, you may possess a natural flare for photography. And you know the immense pleasure you get while showing your best pictures to people. That’s what you will get when you navigate through the statistics of your own photography blog too.

As long as you keep the passion towards the photography, you will become the owner of a profitable photography blog.

As I said earlier, let making money not be your aim to create a photography blog.

How to Start a Photography Blog on WordPress?

WordPress is so far the best Content Management System available on the web right now. Hence, I recommend you use the same. You will not find the procedure for any other platform here as well.

The following are the steps you should go through, in order to make a photography blog.

Step 1:- Select a Niche

Are you in to create a random photography blog? Being in a competitive niche as photography, you will find it difficult to get eyeballs to your blog at first. But once you become consistent, visitors keep on flowing.

The chances of getting a good readership are higher if you laser target the audience. You can target on wedding, food, nature, wild life, humans, or anything you like.

Make sure your snaps pours the liveliness the original object has.

Step 2:- Choose a Name and Domain

Sure, you need a name for your photography blog. A name that everyone remembers, a name that draws an idea of what you are dealing with.

You need to prove your creativity here. Unless you want to create a blog under your name, you must think a lot to land the perfect name for your blog.

Once you get a name, search for the same in Google. And, make sure the .com domain of it isn’t taken.

Note:- Don’t purchase a domain right away. You can grab one for free with the hosting plan from Bluehost.

Step 3: Buy a Hosting Plan

I already told you that I prefer self-hosted WordPress blogs as it offers you the best-in-class security and managing abilities.

Then the question arises. ‘Which hosting provider should I choose?’

Well, your manual search for the best web hosting provider may not return perfect results. If it’s the case, I want you to have a look at WordPress hosting endorsement page.

What is the first one you see there? Bluehost, right?

Being the top among WordPress endorsed web hosting provider, Bluehost offers the best WP services.

Whichever be the hosting provider, you need to install WordPress to start blogging.

Click here to visit Bluehost official website

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost?

Follow the steps given below to know how to start a photography blog on Bluehost.

Step 1: Head over to and choose Get started button.

Step 2: Then, you will have to choose a hosting package from the next screen. As you are just starting out, the basic plan is enough.

Step 3:- Enter the domain name that’s in your mind and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: You should submit your personal details to be included in your account now. And then, select the duration of the package. The higher, the better (regarding discount)!

Step 5: Select none from the add-on screen that follows. If you want to keep the owner information of your domain secret, purchase privacy protection.

Step 6: You have finished buying a plan and setting up a domain. Go to bluehost home page and log into your account.

Step 7: From the next screen, look for Install WordPress icon. Don’t forget to click on it.

Step 8: Choose the domain, leave the directory field as empty and, click on Check my domain.

Step 9: Check Show advanced options. You can see three fields; title, username and password. Once you submit a username, it can’t be altered.

Press Install. There you go!

Get a Theme and Install a Few Plugins

Though WordPress has a few free themes, you must purchase a premium theme to make your blog flamboyant. Checkout themes from MyThemeShop or StudioPress.

Don’t forget to install a few essential plugins as well.

Don’t You Know How to Start a Photography Blog Now?

I hope you know the process now.

As you have just read, it will not cost you even $4 per month.

Don’t forget to share the article with your friends who are interested in photography. Let them know the way of showcasing their works for ever.

If you have any query or suggestion don’t forget to comment in the below section. You can also contact us through the contact us form. Will try to reply you with the best possible solution.

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