How to start a music blog

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How to Start a Music Blog?

You want to know how to start a music blog, don’t you?

No you shouldn’t blog on music. The niche is crowded with a lot of authority sites that you can’t become one of the top sites.

Maybe you have heard enough of this. But I recommend you should do it given that you are passionate about music, you enjoy music and you are ready to wait (I will tell you for what).

I believe you are in for making a music blog not for the monetary weight. Even if you are in for it, you must weight for at least a year.

How to Start a Music Blog?

How to start a music blog

How to start a music blog

Maybe you are not familiar with the blogging stuff and you want to acknowledge your love for music before the world in the form of a blog. Then, you need a guide on how to make a good music blog. And here it comes.

Why does One Start a Music Blog?

You might have seen many blog sites and even approximated the money they earn. If it’s the only thing that attracts you to create a music blog, I want you to back off, at least for some time.

Take your time and rekindle your love for songs. Try to recall every moment you spend listening to music that made you joyous. And, of course I recommend you must read popular music blogs to know how they keep on getting a large number of eyeballs regularly.

You need to be consistent, determinate and have sheer perseverance to get yourself in a state to make money with your niche music blog.

Once you become popular as a music blogger, you will get free copies of albums, tickets for music shows, review requests from bands etc. The sky is the limit if you motivate yourself for quite a long them. After that, the blog will motivate you.

So let’s move on to making a successful music blog.

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How to Start Your Own Music Blog?

I have divided this section for your convenience as it eases the process of reading. You can find different steps in creating a music blog site below.

#1. Choose a Name

Yeah, the name matters. In order to stand out from more than a million blogs available on the web, you must choose a unique name for your blog.

Keep the following things in your mind while you select a name for your blog.

·         Make it Catchy!! Is it a catchy name? I don’t think so. But what about Cruel Rhythm?? It hits the right spot.

Hence, you shouldn’t pick any random name for your music blog simply because it does justice to your niche. Be creative and stand out from the web. The world will recognize you sooner or later.

Look at the popular brand names and see how they coined the term (Microsoft, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.).

·         Make Sure the Availability of Domain Name and Social Profiles

Though there are sites with different name and URL, I don’t recommend following the strategy. It simply doesn’t make sense. So, you must check the availability of the domain for the name you chose. And, check social media sites for confirming the same is available there too. In case you fail, be brave to move on with another name.

Bluehost offers a free domain with their hosting package. Save $15 with them.

Click here to visit Bluehost official website

·         Overlook Already Taken Names and Avoid Using Hyphens or Symbols

I hope you don’t select already taken names. You can clarify the fact by using Google as a tool of reference.

In order to make your name easy to remember, avoid using hyphens or other symbols.

#2. Purchase a Hosting Plan

It is not going to be easy. Yeah! If you put yourself out there to choose a hosting provider, you will be disappointed. About 150 known web hosting companies are on the web. Isn’t it going to be easy?

Note:- Of course there are free hosting providers. But I recommend you use self-hosted WordPress blog for custom domain and maximum control.

No! But I want to help you as you are reading my guide on how to start a music blog.

WordPress itself recommends a few hosting services as the endorsed providers. Of those, Bluehost got the first place. So, I want you to have a Bluehost plan to create a blog on music.

Buy Free Domain name with Hosting at

How to Start a Music Review Blog on Bluehost?

Being a non-technical person, you may find it difficult to create a music blog on Bluehost. Hence, follow these steps given below. And, you are done!

Step 1: Visit and click on Get Started. You will see a page with different plans. And, the first one is enough as you are just starting out.

how to start a music blog

how to start a music blog

Step 2:  You will get a domain insertion field. Enter the domain you want to purchase into the given field and press Next.

Starting a Music Blog

Starting a Music Blog

Step 3: Now you need to enter the account details. Just fill some fields. That’s it! And, the hosting package selection is the next step. Even though every package offers the same performance and specs, Starter 36 month has the best discount.

Music blogging online

Music blogging online

Step 4: On the add-on selection screen, you can leave everything unchecked. I hope you don’t mind a little fame. If you do, check the domain privacy protection.

Step 5: You have finished creating a Bluehost account with an active hosting account now. Just head over to their home page and login to your account.

Make money music blogging

Make money music blogging

Step 6: The dashboard is what you see after logging in (refer the image given below). Have a look at the heading Website and choose Install WordPress to kick start the installation of WordPress.

Start a music blog site

Start a music blog site

Step 7: From the WordPress installation screen, hit the green Install button.

How to create a music blog site

How to create a music blog site

Step 8: Choose the domain from the drop-down menu from the next screen and, leave the directory field as empty. Then, press Check Domain.

Starting music blog site

Starting music blog site

Step 9: Check show advanced options and enter your blog name, username and password. Both the first and last can be changed later. I recommend keeping a username other than admin as it became a so common and makes hackers’ job easier.

Hit Install and wait some to get it finished.

Music blogging site setup

Music blogging site setup

That’s it! You own a WordPress blog now. Go to and log into your dashboard.

I don’t think the chaos of how to start a music blog will not haunt you ever.

#3. Choose a Theme and Install Plugins

I am a fan of paid themes because of the way they are coded. A premium theme creates the best first impression than the first one and it contains more features too.

I recommend Genesis from StudioPress.

Go to Plugins>> Add New and, install some mandatory plugins from there.

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Go Publish Articles There!

So you know how to create a successful music blog. Then, why are you still waiting. Follow the procedures given above and, start publishing articles.

Remember ‘now is the right time’. So don’t procrastinate. Be proactive instead!

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