how to start a food blog step by step easily

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How to Start a Food Blog? {Complete Guide} Steps to setup food blog

So you want to start a food blog, don’t you?

You can’t launch a food blog all of a sudden and get thousands of visitors overnight. That’s where you need to adopt proper planning.

I understand your concern. You may be just a foodie who has no idea about how a blog is made. But don’t worry!

I am here to walk you through the process of creating a food blog or maybe any of the below types of blog which you feel more comfortable with.

How to start your own food blog?

How to start a cooking blog?

How to start a recipe blog?

How to Start a Food Blog?

how to start a food blog step by step easily

Writing articles on food needs you to be foodie. You can’t invoke the tastes of a dish into your write-up until and unless you have natural interest in them. But this doesn’t apply if you look forward to making a photography blog on food.

Are you ready to find out how to start a successful food blog? Here you go.

Step 1: Decide Whether You Target Broad or a Narrowed Topic

Not all of you want to start a general food blog. Some of you are interested in non-vegetarian dishes while some of you aren’t. Similarly, a few of them want to target on making a blog with recipes that one can make out of a single thing.

So, that’s the first thing I want you to decide.

Step 2: Choose a Name and a Domain

I know you are aware of this step. No one needs a how to start a food blog tutorial to know the importance of the name.

The name should reflect the core topic of your blog. Given the fact that the internet has more than a million blogs, you need to be patient in order to get a perfect name and a matching domain

NEVER ever take a name with no matching domains available. (Yeah, top-level domains aren’t completely free).

When it comes to name selection, you should bear in mind that it must be short, interesting and easy to remember.

The first name that came to mind here is foodiegoodie. Unfortunately, the domain is parked.

You can buy a domain from any registrar. But brace yourself! You are going to get it for free from Bluehost with their hosting package.

Note: – Yes, you can start a recipe blog for free. But it will not perform as you would expect. That’s why I recommend going with a self-hosted WordPress blog rather a free Blogspot or one.

Step 3: Select a Hosting Provider

Now that you are up to setting up a food blog, you need to select a hosting provider. Given the fact than 130+ of them are available, you will find it tedious to choose one.

Don’t worry!

As I said earlier, Bluehost is here with their affordable hosting package with a free domain name. I have experienced their service personally for a few of my projects. Guess what? They rocked!

For about $3.5 per month, you can purchase their basic plan with a domain worth $15 for free.

Click here to visit Bluehost official website

A Short Guide to Purchase Bluehost Hosting for Your Food Blog

First, go to and choose a plan. You can choose any package from there. But the starter plan is enough for a new blog.

How to start a food blog_Image 1

Then, you will have to determine the duration of the plan. At least a year should be selected to get the free domain.

How to start a food blog_Image 2

They ask you to choose optional add-ons like privacy protection etc. It’s up to you whether to go with them or not.

Lastly, you need to provide your identity information and payment details. There you go!

Step 4: Install WordPress.Org

Self-hosted WordPress is our blogging platform here. As it is available for free, you can use install it whenever you want.

Here comes another advantage of choosing Bluehost as your hosting provider. You will not find it difficult to start your own food blog because they offer an easy one-click app installer for WordPress.

First, you need to login to your Bluehost dashboard after purchasing a plan. Then, look under website builders to see WordPress there.

How to start a food blog_Image 3

You will get a window next on which Install button should be your pick.

How to start a food blog_Image 4

As you need to connect the domain with the hosting account, it will ask you to enter the same in the next step. Do it and press Check Domain.

How to start a food blog_Image 5

You will get two checkboxes on the next screen. Leave the first and tick the second. Don’t forget to hit the Install Now button as well.

How to start a food blog_Image 6

Clicking on the view credentials buttons will bring you to a new page where you can find both the username and password.

How to start a food blog_Image 7

I hope you will never ask anyone how to start a food blog because you have one now. You can see the backend of your blog by entering into the address bar.

How to start a food blog_Image 8

It’s time to customize the blog now.

Step 5: Select a Theme and Install Necessary Plugins

The first impression is the best impression. Have you heard this?

The first thing anyone notices on any website is the design itself. So, you need to make your food blog look perfect regarding design.

I recommend going with clean and light colored themes.

Note: – Genesis from Studiopress is my recommendation for the best theme. It is a framework that lays the foundation for many child themes by Studiopress.

Premium themes are the best in support and customization. So be brave enough to overlook them.

Plugins increase the functionality of our blogs. So, every WordPress blog requires a few plugins no matter what the niche is.

They are

WordPress SEO by Yoast: – Helps you to make your articles search engine friendly.

W3Total Cache: – Decreases page load speed.

SumoMe: – For building email lists and integrating social share buttons.

Akismet: – To get rid of spam comments.

Contact Form 7: – Incorporates contact forms on your blog.

Wordfence Security: – Keeps your blog away from hackers.

Updraft Plus: – Takes backups.

Step 6: Write, Snap and Publish

That’s it. You can start writing without further ado. I recommend adding quite a good number of images in your articles because it fascinates the readers.

I don’t mean you should buy a DSLR. Even a good smartphone camera will do the magic.

Don’t You Know How to Start a Food Blog Now?

I hope your doubt on creating a cooking blog is solved.

In case you encounter any issues, feel free to reach out to me using the comment section down below. I will be more than glad to help you be the best food blogger.

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