How to start a fashion blog

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How to Start a Fashion Blog and make money

How to start a fashion Blog and make money from it??

You know you are interested in new fashion trends and many a times, you got appreciated for your sense of dressing and hair styling. Then you should try your hands on fashion blogging.

Maybe you have zero idea about professional blogging. But that doesn’t matter here. I am going to let you know how to become a successful fashion blogger.

Are you ready to explore how? Here you go!

How to start a fashion blog

How to start a fashion blog

How to Start a Fashion Blog?

Let’s face it!

Blogging is not a walk in the park anymore. Gone are the days when people used to visit our websites no matter how poor the crafts were. As Google raised its quality standards with a number of algorithm updates, you can’t fool around.

You should get yourself out there, leave out of your comfort zone and work harder. Another reason why fashion blogging is harder in 2016 is the number of authority blogs who are competing with.


As long as you keep the momentum going without losing the passion, you have 100% chance to succeed. You must give your 100% for it though.

I keep the pride to educate a passionate person how to start a successful fashion blog.

What it Takes to be a Fashion Blogger?

Does anyone become a fashion blogger?


The following are the things you should need as you look forward to creating a fashion blog.

#1. A Few Bucks a Month

Maybe you want to know how to start a fashion blog for free. I don’t recommend you do it. Unless you are doing it for short term and not taking it seriously, you must spend some bucks at least for hosting (Yeah you need domain too! But Bluehost gives it away for free with their hosting package).

I don’t mean you need $100 per month to invest in your fashion blog. Make sure you can spend at least $4.

#2. Undying Passion

Initial days of blogging are going to be tough. Yes sir, it is! I don’t want to give false hopes. You may not get any visitors for a few days.

Don’t worry!

Keep on posting articles, pictures or videos. Go on with social media marketing. Soon you feel it’s ripening time.

#3. Zero Returns Policy for at least an Year

You can make money from any blog. It’s not a secret anymore.

But patience is the key to success. Being a new blog on the web, your fashion blog may not be able to make money.

Wait at least a year!

#4. A Mind to Learn New Things

You are going to learn a lot; SEO, networking, writing SEO and human friendly articles. So, adapt the change, make yourself blend with the situation and keep it rolling.

Let’s move on to how to run a fashion blog now.

How to Create a Good Fashion Blog?

I have classified the process into different subtasks for your convenience. Read them below and act accordingly.

Step 1: Pick a Niche

The core topic of your blog is termed as niche. You are going to make a fashion blog. But you can narrow it down to a small category for having targeted traffic.

For example, you can focus on men’s hair styling or women’s make up tips. It’s all up to you on which topic you should blog about.

NEVER choose a niche that doesn’t interest you.

So that’s the first step in our how to create a fashion blog guide.

Step 2: Choose a Name and Domain

Your name is going to be big. People must remember your blog when they hear the name. So, make it unique, catchy and easy to remember.

As there are no set-rules to pick a name (free with Bluehost), you are free to follow any path for it. Once you stumble upon one, make sure the matching domain is available.

Step 3: Make Social Media Pages

Fashion blogs get loads of traffic from social media. Hence, you must create profiles in at least three (FB, G+ and Twitter) social media pages.

You can try out others as well. But those three are mandatory. Make sure you share fashionable images with them. Also, try posting fashion related quotes.

Step 4: Purchase a Hosting Plan

You need the space to store your system resource. Web hosting providers are companies that sell storage space on the web.

I recommend you go with Bluehost as it is optimized for WordPress, comes with a free domain and doesn’t cost you a ton.

Do you know how to install WordPress on bluehost? Take it from here.

Click here to visit Bluehost official website

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost?

Follow the steps down below to install WP on Bluehost.

Step 1: Go to and press the green button saying ‘Get Started’.

Step 2: You will see the shared hosting plan of Bluehost. As you are starting out for the first time, Starter plan is enough. So choose it.

How to start a food blog_Image 2 How to start a fashion blog_domain name and hosting plan selection

Step 3: I hope you have a domain in your mind. Just pour it out into the field given there. Don’t forget to keep it concise.

Step 4: Next step is setting up your account. I know you won’t need a helping hand there. After the setup, choose the package duration. As you can see, 36 month’s plan gives out maximum discount. Hence, be sensible!

Start fashion blogging

Step 5: You can see the add-on selection screen here. I don’t think you need one. In case you need anything, don’t forget to check those.

Step 6: That’s it. Now, you have purchased a hosting plan. It’s time to login to your account. Visit Bluehost home screen to have login button.

Step 7: From the dashboard, locate Websites section and click on Install WordPress icon.

Step 8: Again press on Install from the screen that follows. And, select a domain from the dropdown menu. Ensure you leave the directory field as empty.

Start fashion blogging for money

Step 9: From the next screen, check Show advanced options. Enter Site Title, Username and Password there. You can change both the title and the password later.

You have a WordPress blog now. Do you want another guide on how to start a fashion blog??

Wrapping Up

The process hasn’t ended there. You must purchase a premium theme (Metro Pro from StudioPress is the best) and install a few mandatory plugins. That’s it.

I hope you know how to start a successful blog about fashion now.

In case you are left with any doubt, don’t forget to scribble the same in the comment section down below.

Spare a share to help your friends to start their own fashion blog.

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