How to make money with photography blog

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How To Make Money With Photography Blog Or Website?

If you are thinking of starting a photography blog for monetization, you are making the right choice. There are almost endless options when it comes to making money from this niche. If you have a passion for photography and have excellent skills, you shouldn’t find it hard to make money from your photography blog or website. When it comes to starting a photography blog, there are two main types of blogs. You can either be a professional photographer or a recreational photographer. In case if you are not sure how to start a photography blog or setup the website, you can check out below article on starting a photography blog site successfully, and make money with photography blog site.

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Here are some of the most effective methods for monetizing your photography blog or website.

Make Money with Photography blog through Google AdSense

How to make money with photography blog

How to make money with photography blog

Once you have built a list of blog posts and have begun generating some traffic, you should sign up for Google AdSense. The ad network will place ads on your blog which can help you generate income. Every time someone clicks on your ads and it is a qualified click, you will get paid for it.

You can make money with photography blog even if you have small traffic. However, if you want to make decent amount of money, it is important your blog drive larger volume of traffic. It is worth knowing that there are bloggers out there who make five-figure earnings through advertising programs like Google AdSense.

Sell Ad Space to make money with photography site

You can also sell the ad space on your photography blog to generate revenues. There are third-party services that sell your ad space for a tiny commission. Sign up with companies that offer higher earning potential. On the other hand, you may also sell the ad space directly. If you are good at promoting your blog and have the time, you can also market it directly.

Make money by Selling Photos Online

If you can capture high quality photographs and have a vast collection of photos, it is highly likely that people will be ready to buy from you. You can Sell photos online in both digital and print formats. When you already have a photography blog that has a fan following, it becomes easier to sell your photographs. It is also an inexpensive way to set up your online shop.

You could also get the help of a third-party seller and re-direct to them to sell your print photos. While you can focus on driving all the traffic, the third-party service can take care of order processing, printing, and shipping. However, if you have the time and resources you may manage everything on your own.

Provide Teaching Lessons

If you are a good photographer and have the skills and experience behind you, you can make money with photography blog by providing teaching lessons. There are thousands of people out there who are aspiring to learn about photography. You can also find photography students who are pursuing academic courses on the subject. If you have sound technical skills, your blog can turn out to be a medium for you to teach and earn money.

You may also create ebooks on guides and tutorials to sell to learners. You can share your success mantras and key technical skills required to succeed as a photographer.

Affiliate programs

From a commercial perspective, photography is a versatile niche. This allows you to sell a wide range of products and earn commissions. You can sell other’s products for a commission and generate regular source of income if you are driving good amount of traffic. Both online retailers and brands have affiliate programs that you can sign up. The kind of niche-specific products you can sell can range from cameras to photography gear and even advanced smartphones with powerful camera features. Even photo editing software can be promoted to make money with photography blog.

Show Your Best photographs

When promoting your work as a photographer and displaying your portfolio through your blog or website, it is recommended to show your best photos, not all your photos. As a general rule, a photography blog is not a place where you should show each one of your photos. Select the best photos from each session to appeal to your target audience. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience. You want to impress them.

“Quality over quantity” is another key strategy in both photography and photography blogging. If you want to sell your services or photographs, make sure to present your best face. Your potential clients will be checking your photos to determine whether to buy from you or not.

So follow all these tips to start a photography blog and monetize it for a profitable venture.