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How To Make Money With Lifestyle Blog Or Website?

Lifestyle is one of the most widely followed blogging niches in the world. If you want to write on trending and interesting topics, you should start lifestyle blog or website. Besides, there are so many opportunities for monetizing this niche. The lifestyle segment covers so many types of products and services. Make money with lifestyle blog or lifestyle website has become a profession nowadays. We have shared the ways you can start your lifestyle blog and make money online through blogging.

Ways to make money with lifestyle blog

Make money with lifestyle blog

Make money with lifestyle blog

1. CPC & CPM Advertising

Google AdSense is easily the best example of CPC (cost per click) advertising programs. These ads are displayed on your site and pay you whenever someone clicks on them. If your blog or site generates high volume of targeted traffic, CPC ads can help you make large amount of money on a steady basis. It will be even better if your blog keeps many of your visitors on your pages. It is also extremely easy to setup a Google AdSense account and make money with lifestyle blog. All you have to do is to sign up for an account. Besides, there are many other CPC ad programs that can pay you well for showing relevant ads on your site.

CPM (cost per mile) advertising is similar to CPC advertising. It can also help you generate good amount of steady revenue based on your traffic. All that is required is to sign up for an account and add the program’s code into your site. You should choose this ad program only if your lifestyle blog or site generates massively high traffic.

2. Affiliate Marketing

When done well, affiliate marketing can turn out to be a big revenue generation strategy for lifestyle blogs. The best thing about the lifestyle segment is that you can promote so many types of products. On the other hand, if your blog focuses on a specific niche, you can target a unique line of products.

Affiliate marketing allows you promote or recommend products through your blog or website and earn commission. There are so many ways you can promote such products.

  • Place banner ads on your blog or site
  • Write blog posts highlighting the features and benefits of products
  • Send out newsletters

Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission. There are so many businesses eager to have their products promoted, you will have almost infinite number of products to promote. Beside, the lifestyle niche means there is no limit to what you can recommend through your blog or site.

There are also many affiliate networks that allow publishers and bloggers to connect with niche brands. There are thousands of such networks that can also provide you tips on how to start a lifestyle blog and make money of it. Affiliate programs pay you on a monthly basis. They will typically have a minimum threshold for send the payment. You can also directly reach out to major brands to promote their products.

3. Promote Brands Directly

You can also promote brands directly to make money with lifestyle blog. It is not even necessary to actually sell their products. You can earn money even for creating sponsored content. Many brands are ready to pay handsomely for writing reviews or blog posts highlighting their products. If your website drives very high traffic, you can also become a sort of brand ambassador for a company. In other words, you can have long term business relationships that help you drive regular business.

4. Sell Products

You can also use your fashion blog or website to sell products online. You can sell both physical and digital products based on your interests and resources. if you want to sell physical products, you will have to invest more time and money in setting things up. But with the current drop-shipping model, you can leave all the physical work to other companies and focus on driving more traffic and managing your blog or site.

Selling digital products can be easier because you will not have to worry about storage and shipping. all you should focus on is starting a lifestyle blog or site and maintaining it. On the other you can focus on improving your digital product and driving more traffic.

So follow these 4 strategies to make money with lifestyle blog. As already mentioned, this is one of the best blogging niches you can choose. A general lifestyle blog that covers different niches in this segment can allow you to promote so many types of products and services to increase your revenues. Eventually, your earning potential comes down to making the right choices and spending more time in increasing your targeted traffic.

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