How to make money with fashion blog

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How to make money with Fashion Blog or website?

If you are thinking of starting a fashion blog or website and monetize it, you are making an interesting and lucrative decision. There may already be good competition in this niche, but there is always room for high quality content. Fashion is one industry that never sleeps and never stops innovating. So how can you make money with your fashion blog or website? Here are 6 monetizing tips that will help to make money with fashion blog and websites.

Tips to Make Money with Fashion Blog

How to make money with fashion blog

How to make money with fashion blog

1. Affiliate Marketing

Every fashion blog is likely to suggest products or tips to its readers. You can earn handsome commission if you recommend beauty products, apparel or fashion accessories and your readers go ahead and make a purchase.

If you have a loyal following for and many people trust your word, affiliate marketing can be an effective  way to make money with fashion blog. Whether your blog focuses on a specific fashion niche or is a general fashion blog that covers everything, you can find an endless list of relevant online businesses that have highly-rewarding affiliate programs.

2. Pay Per Click Advertising

If your fashion blog or website generates a large volume of targeted traffic, you can sign up for one or more pay per click ad programs. Every time someone clicks on the ads placed on your site, you will be making money. Google AdSense is a must-have platform. There are many other programs that offer high returns. The returns depend on how much quality traffic you are generating on your blog or site. Once you have signed up for the program, you don’t have to do anything else except focusing on managing your blog or site to increase targeted traffic.

3. Review Writing

There are different ways in which review writing can help you make money with fashion blog. Genuine and unbiased reviews can go a long way in drawing people’s attention and encouraging them to use the products. If you already have a large volume of targeted traffic, it will be easier to inspire them to use the products. This can help you earn a commission.

Once you start fashion blog, you can find brands ready to pay you for reviewing and promoting their products. Some of them may even send out their products to fashion bloggers to have them reviewed.

4. Pay Per Impression Advertising

Pay per impression ads are different from PPC advertising. Unlike PPC, this program allows you to make money for just showing the ads. Whenever an ad is viewed on your blog or site, you earn a tiny amount. If you have a high-traffic fashion blog, you can generate larger volume of views and thus drive more revenue. This is one of the best answers to the question how do fashion bloggers make money, especially those with very high traffic volume.

5. Sell Ad Space

This is another effective strategy to make money with fashion blog. You sell ad spaces on your blog or website directly to brands or through service providers. It is also referred to as banner advertising. It is easy to guess that you should accept ads from brands relevant to your site’s niche. This can help you deliver the desired results to your advertisers so that you can build long-term business relationships.

It is recommended to sell ad space on your fashion blog if you have consistent traffic. Your blog or site is also perfect for this strategy if you thoroughly know who your visitors are. The ad management services may require that your blog or site meet certain requirements to qualify for their programs. On the other hand, you can also manage the ad space and promote your site yourself. Make sure to prepare a proper and exhaustive media kit for your site detailing all the traffic stats and reports to convince your advertisers.

6. Selling Own Products

There are so many types of fashion accessories and products and you can even use your blog or website to sell your own products. Most people looking for ways on how to start a fashion blog already have some products on their mind. Thus, you may also use your blog or website to launch your own products.

So follow these 6 strategies to make money with fashion blog. It is recommended  to choose one or more of these methods depending on what your fashion blog or site focuses on. Eventually, it comes down to how much targeted traffic you are driving. The more it is, the more revenue you will be able to generate.

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