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How to Start a lifestyle blog

Starting a lifestyle blog is very easy and exciting. So if you have already considered starting your own lifestyle blog, lets begin on how you can make your own lifestyle bog running in the easiest way. There are certain things to decide before you can start with the initial steps.

how to start a lifestyle blog and make money from home

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog from Home

Deciding on your blog theme

When starting a lifestyle blog, we have to decide upon things that we can mainly going to publish on our lifestyle blog. Its always better to be specific on the topics that we share on this lifestyle blog. Your blog audience will like to hear some specific part from your life which will make your blog more interesting, exciting and interactive. So you can decide upon the blog theme that interest you most. It can be from your family life, hobby, technology, sports, activities, fashion, cooking or anything thing from your life that interest you most.

Finding the Life style Blog Name

Once you have decided upon the topic to start on your lifestyle blog, its time to find the right blog name. Blog name is the domain that you will be using as the website url. Its very easy to find the right blog name.

The basis for blog name selection which i follow is, use the topic of the blog as the domain name. You can try with some combinations and see which one is available for you. For example, while starting blog on this site, i search for but it was already taken. So i just added 123 at the end of the domain name since i knew i can make this blog popular with this domain name and also its easier to remember. Similarly if you have some name in your mind and that domain is already taken, just try to add some letter like ‘a’, ‘the’ ,’best’ or any number like 1,2.. which ever you find most suitable to that topic. This way you can choose the domain name. This name would be useful when you are proceeding with your blog  hosting booking in next step.

Choose a Blogging Platform

Once you have decided upon the blog name, you are ready to start your own lifestyle blog using the best blogging platform. The best platform to start and highly recommended one is which is of self hosted type. Some people get confused with and But just to clear you, is free version but with very limited resources and no advertising option. So there is no change of making any business with the free version. If you want to start lifestyle blog just fro fun with no interest for growing it further or making money from it, than you can proceed with the free version or even try with since this is also free blog site.

When i started with my blog site, it was through inspiration from other lifestyle bloggers who were making huge income from their lifestyle blogs. And if this is the case with you as well, i would highly recommend to start your lifestyle blog with self hosted blog platform from now itself since it will not be easy task at later stage to switch back once you have done lot of stuff on free version site.

How to start a Lifestyle blog – Starting lifestyle blog

For creating a lifestyle blog on self hosted wordpress platform requires a server space which is know as hosting server. Hosting server is like a hard disk space online which stores all your website information online. Whenever any users tries to access you site from any part of the world, he is connected to that hosting server through your domain name. So the best hosting server and also officially recommended by wordpress is BLUEHOST which is hosting more than 2 Mil websites till now. My own websites also running on Bluehost, since along with the best services, they also offer many other features that makes it most user friendly for installation and backend support. Some of the features includes – free domain name, unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and free 1-click wordpress installation feature.

Click here to visit Bluehost official website

Step 1: Registering Domain Name and Hosting Account

Once you click on the above link for Bluehost, you will be redirected to the below page as shown in the image. Click on “Get started now” button to get redirected on the booking page.

how to start a blog with one click wordpress install

Step 2: Choosing the Plan and Domain

When you click “get started now”, you will land on the plan selection screen as shown below. Here you have to choose the best plan suitable for your blog. For new bloggers i always recommend going for the basic plan. Please click on “Select” button in basic plan.

how to start a blog - start a blog plan selection image

Step 3: Booking the Domain name

After selecting the plan, you will be moved to the page for domain registration. On this page you have to provide your new domain name in the left side box. In case if you have already registered domain at some other domain registrar just add the domain name in the right side box.

Once you have provided your domain name, the system will check if your domain name is available or not. In case if it is not available, the system will show you other similar domain available for booking. If it is already available, just select the domain name and proceed further.

How to start a blog domain-registration page

Step 4: Filling up the registration page and package details

In the below sign-up page, you can see the domain name is available we have the further details to be provided for purchase and billing purpose. You can fill all the relevant details as suitable to you. Make sure you provide the correct residential address.

howtostartablog_best hosting plan selection

For package information in below image, i always prefer to book for 36 months since it becomes more discounted. But you can book for 12 or 24 months plan as suitable to you. For rest of the options, you can un-check the boxes. You can buy them at later stages if required, for beginner they are normally not so useful.

how to start a blog - Package information for hosting

Step 5: Accessing your Hosting account

Once you are completed with the registration and purchasing process. You can visit the home page and select the login option from top header. Normally within minutes you hosting account gets activated. You can use your domain name or email id and password that you used during the registration process.

how to start a blog login page

Now you have logged in to your hosting account and the below screen will be shown on your page. Since you account is ready and running now, we can start with the wordpress installation process. As i said you before, we have 1-click install feature for wordpress in Bluehost, you just have to click on the below button for ” Install wordpress”. You will be redirected to the wordpress installation page as shown below.

wordpress-install-Bluehost- starting a blog

Once you have completed the wordpress installation through your hosting account, you can see the below images appearing on your domain url. This page is normally activated to make sure your blog is not appearing as blank unless you have some post ready and posted. You can deactivate this screen once you are ready for posting your first blog article.


So this is how you can create your own life style blog or start a lifestyle blog and post your personal articles and blogs and share on the web.

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