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How to create a blog site – Start Blogging

How to Create a Blog easily

The world is changing very fast. The today’s generation is very fast and online most of the time. If they searching for something, their first step is to search it online. So if there is something on the internet which they finding interesting, its going to be their purchase, source of information or a lead for sale for some product. So if you also wish to have your business, product on knowledge to be online, you need to have an online presence. To get your business you must have blog or website. Creating a blog for business or creating a websites for your business will definitely help in increasing your sales, leads and customer base. So lets see how to create a blog for business, create a blog site, create a blog for information or create a blog for making money online.

It takes hardly 20-30 Mins to set up your own blog and you DON’T need any knowledge about programming codes or HTML stuff. So just relax and follow the steps or guide provided below.

Before we proceed further, let me tell you little bit about myself. I am an internet blogger and started with this stuff some 5 years back, and believe me i knew nothing about creating website at that time. But i got inspired from other bloggers and decided to start my own blog site. My interest was just to share the pool of information which i had about the internet world, tips and tricks that helps to make our life more easier and simple. I also write with product reviews and affiliate marketing. Over the years i gain more knowledge and created many websites where i share information and product reviews about various things. And also making good amount of money online with these stuffs.

How to create a Blog easily step by step

Making a blog or making a website is not a very big deal if you know the way or the steps to be follow for creating your own website. There are mainly 5 steps involved. If you follow the below 5 steps,  you can have your own blog running in just few mins without any pain.

Note: If you get stuck, you can send a message to me through the contact page, i will try to help you out as soon as possible.

5 steps for creating a blog website

  • Topic Selection for Blog site
  • Choosing the Blogging platform
  • Naming the blog site or Finding the Domain Name
  • Setting up the Hosting Account – Bluehost
  • Setting up the WordPress Blog – Theme, Plugins and Widgets

The above steps will hardly take 20 mins to create a blog if you follow the below step by step for creating a blog site. So lets us start with the first step i.e. selecting the topic for our blog.

1. Blog Topic Selection

The topic of the blog site is very much important. This is the topic which you will be writing your article and post on your website. For example, on my site i have taken my favorite topic of blog setup and blogging tips. Similarly there are 1000s of topics which you can choose from. You have to find the best niche topic that you can learn and write about. Believe me, even if you take topic is already there, it all depends upon your knowledge and writing skills, you can bring huge success to any site if you do it correctly with persistence. I have multiple sites and most of them performing really well.

So once you have decided your topic for the blog site, its time to move to the best step, i.e. Choosing the best blogging site.

 2. Choosing the best blogging platform

Most of the blog on the internet today are working on wordpress. Even my this own blog is also working on free wordpress blogging platform. Blogging Platform normally helps to manage your images, video and contents on the website. These blogging plan help to make our work very much simpler. Now a days, many hosting companies offer, 1-click install feature for wordpress. This means, you do not need to know anything about coding and programming of website. You just have to get the wordpress package downloaded and installed on the server with simply 1 click.

The other blogging platforms available are,tumblr, wix and many other free blog sites. These blog sites are free for blogging but only to some extent. So, if you plan is to make a successful blog site that can help you with some inform you have bigger plans for website in future, i would highly recommended you to go for a basic hosting account which is highly recommended for wordpress platform and used by nearly 72 mil blogs.

Why Free blogging sites are not recommended

As you can see, every blog or websites which you visit or follow is self hosted one. They have their own domain name with good features, plugin, widgets, themes and contents.

  • Free blogs are not really ‘free’: When we come across the terminology about free blogs, they are free to limited extent. These free blogs are in the market so that people can start their blogs and contents and when they want to take it further for bigger plan than they have to go for premium plans which becomes quite costlier later. And also not easy to move from their platform to other. Its just wastage of time.
  • Cannot have own domain name or url: Its not possible to have own domain name or website name. You will have to choose a very long domain name like Its don’t so nice and visitors will also find it very difficult to return back to your site.
  • Cannot Advertise on Ad space: This is the most problematic thing with free blogs. The Ad on the blog will be used by the free blog site to monetize their system. This is the main reason why they allow for free blog creation so that they have good contents from you which can drive traffic and help them make money from the ad space on that website pages.
  • Website can be removed any time: This is yet another issue which is there with the free blogs. If they don’t find your blog useful or in line with their policy, your blog will be gone permanently.

When you check the pricing for the self hosted blogs, the price would be not more than 3-7$ monthly or around 50$ annually with free domain name for the first year. So if you compare the price with the benefits you get from your own self hosted blog, this would be the best option to opt for.

Once we have finalized the blogging platform i.e. wordpress with self hosted one, its time to find the best domain name for your blog and best hosting for blogs. So lets check how we can do that in the best way.

3. Domain Name Selection for the website

Domain name is the name of your website. For example, in my case the domain name is So you have to try to find out which domain name is available for your selected niche. You can try with combination of 2-3 words that most suits your website idea. Once you have the domain name idea, you can check that domain name already exist or its already taken by someone. If it exist that you are lucky and can buy that name in the next step. In case the domain name is not available, you can follow some tricks which i normally do. You can add some ‘-‘ or number at the beginning or at the end of the name. For example, here i have just added 123 at the end of the domain name since the other part is already taken by someone else.

So once your domain name is fix, we have to move to the hosting account. It is normally recommended to buy the domain name and hosting from the same company, with this you get the domain name for free for the first year. If domain and hosting are from the same company, you also get rid of making any changes to DNS or ip related things. It is all automatically set.

4. Hosting Account Setup

Hosting means server space where all the data for the website is stored. For example all the images, video and contents of the post and pages will be stored on the hosting server.

A regular or normal web hosting plan cost you around 3$-8$ monthly, This is much lower than a buying a burger or pizza which i think would be surely affordable.

There are few important points which must be considered while choosing the blog hosting website.

  • Page Loading Time: If the page loading time is more, the website visitors will be frustrated and may leave the website without even checking your website.
  • Website up-time: There are 100s of hosting companies offering hosting but all cannot guarantee you for 100% up-time.
  • 24×7 Customer support: This is yet another important aspect of web hosting. If you have any issue with your web hosting, you must have round the clock customer support for help to resolve your issues.

I have being working on web from nearly 9 years now and the most recommended web hosting which i found is Bluehost. I have my own website hosted at bluehost servers and recommend based on my experience with them. Some of the best features which i like from them are;

  • 1-Click Install wordpress feature: There is option for 1 click install of wordpress blog on your website. This makes the installation and setup part so simply that you don’t need to do anything apart from the single click.
  • Free domain name: With Bluehost hosting plan, we get free domain name which normally cost 12$-15$(Here its free with host booking)
  • Officially recommend host from wordpress: Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress from 2005 and has nearly 2 Mil websites hosted at Bluehost and growing.
  • Awesome features and Tools: In the bluehost control panel, you will get tons of tools and application required for setting up your blog or website which is really useful when your website grows further.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Your money will be refunded if you are not satisfied with the service for any reason.
  • 24×7 support via phone, chat or email: You get round the clock customer support via phone, email and chat if you have any issues with your website or blog.

Being one of the best hosting company, still they offer the hosting plan at a very affordable price of 5.99$ per month if you buy 1 year plan. But you can get much better discount for basic plan and buy at 3.95$/month if you buy for 36 months altogether. This price includes the free domain name(15$) available with the hosting.

Click here to visit Bluehost official website


Bluehost has being the best ever hosting company i have used in last 9 years and all its features are tried and tested by self for maximum results. However it depends on you if you can find much better hosting which is reliable, fast and offers better bandwidth since you need to go long with your blog website for success and making good money online.

5. Installing the WordPress Blog Platform


Let us check this last step for the setup of the wordpress blog site, once this step is completed, you will have a fully functional and live blog site running. You will be able to publish your own articles, Video and Images on your own website.

  • Once you click on the Bluehost link, you will be landed on the below shown images at bluehost website.

how to create a blog with one click wordpress install

  • Once you reach this page, just click on the get started now button and you will be redirected to the below page. The below page will show you the Hosting plans available at Bluehost. If you have single website and just beginning with new site, i would recommend to go with the basic plan it self. This would be more than enough for your website. Please click on “submit” button to select the plan.

how to start a blog - start a blog plan selection image

  • After selecting the plan, you will be moved to the page for domain registration. On this page you have to provide your new domain name in the left side box. In case if you have already registered domain at some other domain registrar just add the domain name in the right side box.

How to start a blog domain-registration page

  • Once you have provided your domain name, the system will check if your domain name is available or not. In case if it is not available, the system will show you other similar domain available for booking. If it is already available, just select the domain name and proceed further.

howtostartablog_best hosting plan selection how to start a blog - Package information for hosting

  • . In the above sign up page, you can see the domain name is available we have the further details to be provided for purchase and billing purpose. You can fill all the relevant details as suitable to you. Make sure you provide the correct residential address.For package information in above image, i always prefer to book for 36 months since it becomes more discounted. But you can sure book for 12 or 24 months plan as suitable to you. For rest of the options, you can un-check the boxes. You can buy them at later stages if required, for beginner they are normally not so useful.
  • Once you are completed with the registration and purchasing process. You can visit the home page and select the login option from top header as shown in the below image. Normally within mins. you hosting account gets activated. You can use your domain name or email id and password that you used during the registration process.

how to start a blog login page

  • Once you are logged in to your Bluehost account, You can find the option for the install wordpress and click on it. Once you click on the install wordpress link, you will be redirected to the below shown image for wordpress installation on your website. Here is is 1 click install with some basic setting like your email id and password. once you give these data, the system will start installing wordpress to your website. This may take 1-2 mins. Once the installation is completed, you will get nay email will all the details for login url, email id, password set for the website admin panel for wordpress.

wordpress-install-Bluehost- starting a blog

  • Once you have the wordpress installed on your website, you can start with your blog posting and article writing. The details about your website would be something like the below details.

Admin url:

Login id: normally this is your email if, unless you choose something else during registration process.

Password: As set by you during the registration page

wordpress-login_how to start a blog easily

Once you are on the above page, you can login to your wordpress account and step up your themes, plugins and widgets as per your requirement and suitable to the website. So this is how to create a blog website and start blogging. You can now use the post option to start your first blog post on your own self hosting website.

I hope the above article helped you in creating a blog website, if you have any issue or stuck at some point during the setup, send me an email and i will try to help you out with your blog site creation and setup for free.

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