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Best Free Blogging Sites to Start a Blog

Best Free Blogging sites

In the today’s world of fastest growing internet users, blogs and websites have become very important part of the internet. Today online blogging, digital marketing, social media optimization have made the world revolve around the internet. With the recent advancement in smartphone and internet facilities, almost the maximum share of the users are online. Be it for some information search or just spending their time. But the point is online presence have gained too much of importance now.

As per the recent statistics, nearly 50% of the online users are active blog readers. It is estimated that there are nearly 400 Million blogs present on the web. The most widely used free blogging sites include – wordpress, blogger and tumblr. These are also the best free blog sites used for free blogging. These free blog websites also rank among the top 50 sites with most visited websites in the world.

So let us compare these top free blog sites and see which is the best blog site and how it can be further used for success and making benefit from it.

Some of the advantages of starting a blog – Personal or Business blog

  1. Blogging is one of the best way to communicate with the online world. If you have knowledge base on certain topic and like to share this information with the online world, you can share this with personal blog or personal website.
  2. Making Money with Blogs: There are many bloggers making huge money from their website including my own websites. So if you are looking to make some money, you definitely need a blog to start with this awesome stuff.

There are many small and large business that needs to increase their leads and sales. If you have your business online, you can understand the reach of your business and the benefit you can get from this reach and visitors. These website visitors helps to increase your leads, sales and revenue which can help in making your business a huge success.

Starting a blog is very simple and easy. You don’t need to know anything about programming or coding. There are many free blogging sites or blog platforms that will help you to set up your blog in mins. All the free blogging sites are created differently and have many features and advantages over each other which can help in making your blog a success with growth, exposure and revenue. But as it is always said, free blog sites are not totally free when it comes for real growth, traffic and monetization. I always suggest to go for self hosted free blogging platforms like wordpress. In the below section we will compare few of the best free blogging sites, and if you feel like going with self hosted wordpress site for your blog or website, you can check our page for how to start a blog with wordpress.

Best Free Blogging sites

Free Blog site:

Today there are nearly 72 Mil websites running on wordpress blogging platform. As we said, the free blogging platform have their own advantages and features that makes it better as compared to others. I have nearly 18 websites as of today, and all my sites are running on wordpress(including this site as well). The best feature that makes it most usable is the user interface, 1 click install on hosting sites without any requirement of programming and coding. Very simple setup for themes(nearly 3K+ free themes), plugins(approx. 35K+ free plugins) and widgets.  Wordpress can be used by everyone from newbie to pro-bloggers, small business to large scale business or industry.

best free blog sites_start blogging

There are two ways to proceed with wordpress;

  • You can either go with which i normally don’t do myself and neither recommend to anyone. (Not recommended)
  • The other option is with self hosted wordpress blog on our own hosting server and domain name. This is the most frequently used since you have many advantage here for further growth and monetization.( Highly recommended)

Why it is highly recommended to go for self hosted wordpress blog?

  • Own Domain Name: You can choose your own domain name and have freedom on setting up any kind of blog of any category. You have full control over your blog.
  • Future Growth Plan: If you plan for taking your blog to next level for growth, making money from it, offering freelance services or any other plans for business, you will surely need to have full access and also need to pay charges for the web hosting server.
  • Making Money with Ads: When your website starts performing, you will definitely look for monetizing it with ads like banners or links. In this case you definitely need access to the ad space on your site which is not possible in free hosted sites. So its highly recommended to go for self hosted wordpress site only from this stage itself.

Any business or resource that has the potential to make you earn, never comes for free. So if we compare the advantage of the above features of self hosted sites, we must surely afford the small investment of 3.95$ monthly for self hosted site if you need growth and have success plans. For this self hosted plan for wordpress, it is highly recommended to go with Bluehost, since they are most widely used and recommended hosting partner by wordpress as well.

I have describe the whole procedure on installing and setting up the wordpress with bluehost server. You can check this at how to start a wordpress blog.

Free Blog site:

This is yet another very famous blogging platform and owned by Google. This is also used by many newbie bloggers and other who just like to blog for fun and entertainment. When i first start with my blogging journey, i tried working with blogger, but frankly speaking i did not find it more useful due to its limited interface, themes and design layout, very limited plugin and widgets.

Blogspot_best free blog sites for starting a blog for free

Lets us check some of the advantage and disadvantages of

Advantage of

  • Blogger has being in the market from long time now and also owned by google. So i feel its really secure and reliable blogging platform.
  • Google Adsense Interface: Through blogger you get the option for interacting your blogs with google Adsense directly. This helps in making the ads implementation much easier.
  • Since the has very limited features like plugins and widgets, this makes it more simple and less complex.

Disadvantages of

  • Content Guidelines: You have to be very much careful with your blog contents, there is a possibility that your blog may get banned or deleted from the system if it is not as per google content guidelines. So when you are beginner and don’t know much about these guidelines, its little bit risky to start with this.
  • Domain Name: At blogger you normally get a website name like which may not be so much attractive to some users. And it also gives the feeling of free stuff to the users. I know some users have different lookout towards free stuff which may not be helpful for our blog traffic.
  • Limited themes and Plugin: This limits the styling of the website. Since the plugins are also very limited, you cannot do much with this. Nowadays, people look for styles and plugins that make the website more attractive.

Final Conclusion: is good to be used if you have only plan for publishing your views or ideas and have no plans at all for better websites or further growing the websites at later stage. The will hardly take 15 mins to setup and make your blogs running on domain. But just keep in mind that once you started with and later plan to shift all blogs and articles to wordpress self hosted site would be little bit painful and takes lot of efforts and even cost some charges if you go for help from expert for this task.

Free Blogging Sites:

Temblr is yet another free blog site and also most widely used now a days. The tumblr is owned by Yahoo now after they took over from David Karp in 1.1 Bil deal. When it comes to tumblr, is also very widely used because of its easiness and interface. Its is also considered as a micro blogging site which is a combination of twitter and blogging feature mostly including visuals like video, images or infographics. Tumblr allow you to instantly share post like tweets which are much longer than tweets. These is also good for use if you are more frequent in posting update on your blog site.

Best free blogging sites to use for making money_free blog site

Lets have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of

Advantages of

  • Simple Interface: Tumblr has a very simple user interface and very easy to setup. It will hardly take 5 mins to setup and start posting instantly. This is also one of the reason why people mostly use this platform for instant blogging like instant tweeting you image, video or links.
  • Huge base of themes: Tumblr has a huge options for themes which will to make your blog really attractive. Like wordpress, here also the themes are responsive and very much mobile friendly.
  • Multiple blogs: From your one tumblr account, you can mange multiple blogs without any hassle.

Disadvantages of

  • Monetization: There is not option for monetization. Maybe in yahoo will have their own ads running on the blogs. So if you are just planning for causal blogging for short term, you can use this network.
  • Lack optimization for longer post due to its highly visual optimized design. As we said, its more useful if we wish for sharing images, videos or link. If you plan for higher traffic growth website, i would highly recommend to avoid tumblr in that case.
  • There are not much plugins and widgets that can help to make your blogs more safe and secure. So to some point you maybe at risk of hack. Since the website is highly visual, loading time may also affect the SERP factor of this website ranking.

Final Conclusion: Tumblr is highly recommended for bloggers who are more interested in sharing images, videos, photos or links and more frequently than a normal content based informative blogs.

Most Preferred and best free Blog site for blogging

So to sum up from all the above information about wordpress, blogger and tumblr – WORDPRESS beats the other 2 in many features and advantages. This is the major reason why more than 72+ Mil websites use wordpress as the blogging platform due to its features, simplicity, designs, themes, plugins, widgets and user interface.

To start with your self hosted wordpress blog or website you can follow our 5 steps guide for how to start a blog where we have described each steps in details to start with your blog easily.

Click Here: How to start a blog with wordpress

If you wish for some support in finalizing your website or blog plan, you can send me an email with your query and i will surely try to help you with the best solution in the least time as possible.

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